Creating A Film Business Plan Class for Filmmakers Seeking Finance


Creating a Film Business Plan

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With: Elliot Grove
Next date:
Tuesday 13th July, 19:00 – 21:30 UK Time
Single Tuesday evening
Location: Live Online via Zoom

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At a glance

  • learn how to prepare yourself to get the paperwork together you will need to fund your film
  • live examples and real-life situations explained and demonstrated
  • presented by the longest serving festival founder in Europe
  • participants receive a followup email with additional confidential and useful information

This class is part of the Producer’s Foundation Certificate class.

Budgeting and Scheduling | Marketing and SellingMovie Money | Basic Legal Contracts

About Creating a Film Business Plan

Once you’ve got found that terrific script and settled on a director to bring it to life, you need to prepare a film business plan for how you will get the money you need to make the film.

Every potential investor will want to know how you are going to spend the money, and most importantly what the return on investment will be.

This class will explore the essentials you will need to present your project to both industry and private investors.

This class is part of the Producer’s Foundation Certificate class.

What will it cover?

  • Choosing and approaching investors
  • Structuring a business plan
  • Utilising visual aids
  • Preparing sales estimates and income streams
  • Cash flow
  • Profit participation

*The intellectual property rights of this course remain the owner of the tutor

What will you achieve?

By the end of the class, students will have a good understanding of how to put together a film business plan, and how to find and approach potential investors.

How will you be taught?

This class is taught lecture-style with opportunities for students to ask the tutor questions.

Who should attend?

Creating a Film Business Plan is suitable for beginner film producers, as well as those interested in finding out more about the pre-production side of filmmaking.

About the tutor

Creating a film business plan with Elliot Grove

Photo by Bertie Watson

Elliot Grove is the founder of Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards. He has produced over hundreds of short films and also five feature films, including the multi-award-winning The Living and the Dead in 2006. Elliot has written three books which have become industry standards: Raindance Writers’ Lab: Write + Sell the Hot Screenplay, now in its second edition, Raindance Producers’ Lab: Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking,  and 130 Projects to Get You Into Filmmaking. In 2009 he was awarded a PhD for services to film education.

Did you know?

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  • This course is FREE for our HND and postgraduate/MA/ students
  • This is part of the Producers’ Foundation Certificate
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25 reviews for


Creating a Film Business Plan

  1. Jay Finocchiaro

    Elliot provided some good insight into the business plan – through Raindance’s Producer’s Foundation Certificate. Highly recommend this course who wants to get great tips, info and ways to connect with the industry and make their film project. Valuable!

  2. Aylla Assis

    An information packed night and a step by step guide on how to create a film business plan. Elliot was a great tutor giving us further advice on which mistakes to avoid.

  3. Lisa

    Very helpful introduction by Elliot Grove with excellent follow up notes. I thought it was great that students were also able to view the session and participate via Skype. A very accessible class with a fun tone.

  4. Humphrey Lau

    An information packed evening on how to create a business plan with lots of practical advice, industry insights and helpful resources presented by Elliot Grove. Highly recommended.

  5. Marcus

    Going into the session, I was expecting to learn a lot about creating business plans. 15 minutes in and I started getting exactly what I expected, and by the break at 8pm, I was already 7-8 pages of notes jotted down with ideas on how to perfect a business plan for future films. The 45 minutes after the break left me ready to quit my job and begin my film-making career. If the 4 remaining weeks of the Producer Foundation course is like this, that is exactly what I will do.

  6. Jennifer Sanchez

    The Creating a Business Plan course by Elliot Grove gave me an incredible insight into the film industry and the world of film finance. He is a very charismatic presence full of knowledge and experience he will kindly share.

  7. Jack Lyons

    I was really keen to understand how business plans are made for films & Elliot’s course didn’t disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed it. He’s very engaged with everyone & his knowledge is invaluable.

  8. SteveWatson

    As always, the courses that Elliot presents are excellent value. If i had to knock one thing, the handout could have more info on. Looking back on the session, there was too much valuable information to be taking notes on. I was riveted and concentrating on what was being said, rather than taking down notes. We all have different learning styles which does not help. May be there is a way of obtaining the audio from the session, if it is recorded. Elliott is blessed to have a wealth of information and i want to make sure i do not miss any of it. Thank You once again for your wisdom

  9. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your kind words Steve. We will take your comments on board to see if the handbook can be upgraded as well as the tech surrounding audio recording

  10. Miguel Garrido

    If you are serious about being a filmmaker this is one of the first steps you need when you are looking for investment. Elliot Grove will give you fantastic advice on what to include and NOT to into your business plan, combine with multiple anecdotes of people he knows and how they managed to get into the film industry from nothing but sheer commitment. So if you also have it, yes I will recommend this course a hundred percent!

    Miguel Garrido

  11. Scott

    Great session. Very informative and very well delivered. Better than i expected.

  12. Mark Brome

    Fantastic first session on creating a business plan, covered everything you need. I joined via the live online option which suffered drop outs a couple of times, but the team fixed the issue quickly.

  13. Nicolo Riboni

    It’s great to have courses and classes available at your home desk during these difficult times, but for their value is almost too good to be true. Elliot’s lecture is a great piece of storytelling: it is full of great wisdom to grow as a professional filmmaker, and fun but useful anecdotes to explain concepts applied to real-life situations. Totally recommended. If you are serious about making movies, this course it’s a necessity! The greatest part is that after the class is over, you can get the recording and other useful material to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Thank you, Raindance!
    BEWARE: this class might make you leave your full-time job!

  14. Tessa Markle (verified owner)

    This course was very helpful to break down and sort out how to get a business plan going for your film. The PDF examples were a great visual to go along with Elliot’s coaching. Some things I was already aware of, some were new, and some I had completely forgotten and really sparked a few A HA moments for me!

  15. Daisy Edwards

    Brilliant first step in the Foundation Producers Course. All the information and advice was accessible and applicable for any stage you may be in in your film-making journey. Elliot offered a wealth of knowledge and captivating stories to accompany!

  16. Rob Elser

    Elliot’s approach to lecturing is useful storytelling. Learning by example is always the best for me, and I would recommend the course to anyone serious about making movies.

  17. Balbeer

    Really helpful, informative packed with useful examples

  18. Dina Prior

    Excellent learning to be had by teachers who give varied insights.
    Highly recommended.

  19. Megan

    This has given me so much helpful direction to keep pushing forward with my project. Elliot’s kind and candid manner worked perfectly in creating a very collaborative and open zoom class.

  20. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your kind words, and best for your future projects!

  21. Ed Kear (verified owner)

    A really insightful and relevant course. Really looking forward to getting going on my plan now!

  22. Jason yates

    Exceptional. The knowledge is passed on succinctly, quickly and without all the padding and nonsense that so often wastes so much time on courses. This is strictly for people who want to get on with it and yet understand the why and nest practice. Hugely beneficial, even for someone like me who has worked in the industry for many years, this gave me new insight and new ways of working that I wouldn’t have considered. Thank you.

  23. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Your very knid words are very much appreciated. Thank you. And we look forward to tracking your progress

  24. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Thanks for your compliment, Ed! Now you need to just Do It! – Keep in touch!

  25. Dina

    This was super informative. Everything was new to me but I digested it all and it’s really helped me in my day to day role. Highly recommend !

  26. Richard Shaw

    Loads of really useful, relevant information for producers. Well presented – very informative and friendly.

  27. Dvorah

    Great methodology taught in a direct and friendly manner. This class is great for anyone experienced or new. The knowledge about international distribution is eye opening and inspiring!

  28. mm

    Elliot Grove

    Blush – and thanks for your feedback for the rest of the Producers foundation Certificate

  29. Audrey

    Great content and really resourceful speaker ! Gave me a really good insight into the business plan. Really grateful for all the content that was sent after the class too. Definitely recommend it !

  30. Mark Playle

    Really enjoyed the whole lecture and would recommend it to anyone with or without any previous experience and the discussions and information I got from this was first class.

    I am looking forward to the next class having signed up for the Producers foundation certificate 5 week course.

    All the pieces are coming together nicely.

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