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Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate London

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Next start date: Wednesday 9th June, 19:00 – 21:30 UK time
Duration: Five Wednesday evenings
Address: Live Online on Zoom

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At a glance

  • Follow a proven pathway to getting your movie idea written
  • Study and examine case studies  weekly
  • Each week includes optional homework for personal growth and development

About the Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate

Screenwriters create scripts for films, television and any other filmed scripted media. They provide the blueprint for the creative contribution of the director, producer, cinematographer, designer, editor and composer, cast and crew. The Screenwriters’ Foundation Certificate is an evening course designed to take you from idea to finished page.

This five-week screenwriting course provides a detailed overview of the skills, knowledge and professional requirements for those wishing to write for the screen. The information covered in the Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate includes viable idea generation, screenplay formatting, as well as character, plot and structure creation. The course will include a pitching skills workshop – an essential skill for screenwriters in getting their projects made.

What will the Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate cover?

Week 1: The Beginning

The first and most important part of your screenplay is the idea. It’s important to understand how to break this down and develop it into something an audience will want to see. Often screenplays fail because the story or structure is poor – mistakes which even the most experienced of screenwriters make.

  • Idea-generation techniques
  • How to make your ideas compelling
  • Copyright and how to protect your ideas
  • Proper script format and style guide

Week 2 – Building Your Story

You may have a great story or scene and perfect formatting, but there’s also an art to understanding how to give texture to the story. This will be the difference between whether you elicit emotion in your audience or not.

  • Scene writing and story structure
  • How to create a page turner
  • Suspense and other dramatic tools

Week 3 – Casting your story

By understanding each of your key characters, you will be able to define the story and subplot. Then, by studying existing screenplays, you will be able to identify what works and what doesn’t work, and what you like and what you don’t like for your own script.

  • How to create compelling characters that stay with you
  • Magnification, traits and other character tools
  • Film analysis of a character from an existing film or screenplay

Week 4 – Pitch clinic

Pitching is one of the most important skills needed for a successful career in the film industry – and as a screenwriter, you will be doing it for your entire career. It is also one of the least considered by new entrants to the industry.

  • Running a pitch meeting
  • What the goals of a pitch meeting should be
  • How to use visual aids
  • Finding your hook

* This dynamic Pitch Clinic is available individually >HERE<

Week 5 – Writing Compelling Dialogue

Think of the last bad film you saw. Was it poor because of the acting and story, or was it because of the script? If the script isn’t good enough then the film will more than likely fail. The dialogue is an important factor in this and getting it right is not always obvious.

  • The tricks and traps of writing dialogue
  • The 3 tracks for recording dialogue
  • Honing and mixing effective dialogue

What will you achieve?

On completion of the Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate, students will have acquired the skills, knowledge and confidence to write and pitch professional-level scripts.

How will you be taught?

A mix of lecture-style and group discussion with tutor guidance. The fifth week, Pitching Skills Workshop, will offer students the opportunity to pitch their film idea to the tutor to receive instant feedback on their pitch.

Who should attend?

The Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate is suitable for anyone interested in screenwriting, of all levels and abilities. It is not necessary to have a project for this class, but you might find it even more useful if you come with something in mind. We also welcome novelists, short story writers, and storytellers seeking a five-week structured class with specific targets and measurable results.

About the tutor

Elliot Grove is the founder of Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards. He teaches screenwriting and producing in the UK, Europe, Asia and America.

Elliot Grove has developed a simple, practical introduction to the art, craft and mechanics of screenwriting. As a script consultant, and having produced or exec produced 5 features and over 150 short films over 20 years, he has a key understanding of the concepts, theories and tools that will make your screenplay exceptional.

Elliot has written three books which have become industry standards: Raindance Writers’ Lab: Write + Sell the Hot Screenplay, now in its second edition (Focal Press 2008), Raindance Producers’ Lab: Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking (Focal Press 2013) and 130 Projects to Get You Into Filmmaking (Barrons 2009). In 2009 he was awarded a PhD for services to film education.

What they’re saying

You can’t beat Elliot for depth of knowledge and experience in the industry. The combination of practical suggestions on career building and theory on writing practice was spot on. The richness of the examples used to illustrate made the course feel unusually personal – when writing for a job can begin to feel a bit impersonal. The pitching session was particularly awesome. My heart was literally in my throat but it’s amazing how inspiring sheer terror and a group full of supportive people can be.
Sarah A Mann

I got a lot from the course. I’m now going to go back through my notes and apply the tools to various projects. Really pleased to have discovered Raindance.

Sally Nettleton

Did you know?

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27 reviews for


Screenwriter’s Foundation Certificate London

  1. Philip McDermott

    Challenging and creative
    Opens the door to nuts and bolts of screen writing

  2. Tom Lynch (verified owner)

    A really good kick up the arse – instilling the confidence and creativity needed to start on one’s journey.

  3. Douglas

    A very insightful course, tells you what you need and how to use it. Well worth a few evenings and a bit of money!

  4. Jayne

    An excellent introduction to screenwriting. The homework is very good at motivating you to stop procrastinating!

  5. Keith

    Really loved the class. I learned so much about how to construct a compelling story that’s relevant not just for screenwriting but for any format. I’m so glad I took this class.

  6. Barbara Vonau (verified owner)

    First course on screenwriting I have ever been on. Very practical. Relaxed working environment. Lots of useful ideas and tricks being conveyed. Good value for money.

  7. Nick Lailey (verified owner)

    Great course. The boost I needed to go forward confidently with my projects.
    Worked very well as an online delegate too.

  8. Hannah

    I enjoyed the course and it was presented well by Elliot and the team.
    A good confidence boost and time out from day to day to indulge and become engaged in screenwriting.

  9. Elisa (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this course. Good advises and exercises helps me to expand my way to think on how to work on character development and style. The chance also to meet other writers in such enthusiasts and collaborative environment has been a unique occasion.

  10. Ore Alexandra Sanderson (verified owner)

    Love this course. Great advice given and thought inspiring exercises for homework that actually got my creative juices going for scriptwriting. Only wish it was longer.

  11. Ievgeniia Ficarra

    * First two days of the course I could not see the shared screen with the movies that Elliot was bringing as an example. (online)
    * I did not receive the answers within online chat during the course.

    The rest is fabulous!!!!THANK YOU!

  12. David Parera (verified owner)

    I am loving every second of this course!!! Elliot is an amazing teacher and he is providing us with the best lessons and study material.
    Engaging homework everyday to keep you writing and he really will give you the condidence to do it.
    Totally recommended course for alm types of writers.

  13. CLAIRE

    Packed full of great study materials and practical advice. Elliot’s class is a relaxed, collaborative enviroment perfect for any budding screenwriter.

  14. Dani Lima (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the course. Elliot is a very professional, supportive e creative tutor, always encouraging us to develop and improve our writing skills as well as providing us with a range of possibilities, guided exercises and valuable information for our career. I would highly recommend it.

  15. Alex Callister

    This is five evenings of pure gold.
    I can honestly say I leant more from Elliot than I did during my six month certificate in creative writing.
    The course is a whistle stop tour of what makes a good story, conflict within story, getting the setting right for your story, understanding the type of hero you have (in your story). The confusing mechanics of what a screen play should look like are explained along with plenty of insider tips for rookies and lots and lots of looking at scripts and watching the films that were made from them.
    I am an author looking to adapt my work for the screen but I would recommend this course to anyone doing any kind of writing.
    If possible, attend the Charing Cross venue in person and bask in the energy and creative dynamism.

    Cannot recommend highly enough.

  16. Michael Taylor (verified owner)

    Fabulous experience. I got so much out of doing this course, it completely restored my love for film-making and has given me a real boost and also an informed perspective towards writing my script. Its an inclusive environment which studies some great movies and applies this study to some really stimulating, rewarding, and fun practical writing exercises Thankyou Elliot.

  17. Karo

    Wonderful experience, fun and engaging. it really helps a lot to understand little tricks in screenwriting. Thanks a lot1

  18. Conrad Addo (verified owner)

    Elliot was great and gave good feedback during my script pitch. Really nails that you must write and read scripts to progress.

  19. Jimi Tihofsi

    If you ever thought of writing and have got the energy to write, without a doubt this course will help you to channel that energy into a screenplay.

  20. Carol Harris (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this course. Elliot delivers expert insight and practical advice to help advance anyone’s writing aspirations, plus a few funny anecdotes. Highly recommend.

  21. SanQ (verified owner)

    Great course all you need to get you started. The online course was great you can watch back later, go over points again. I totally recommend it.

  22. Ana Ramos (verified owner)

    This course is dangerous. Suddenly, with very simple tools and techniques you write a script that sells.
    I enjoyed every lesson and the online networking with other brilliant talents. Excellent.

  23. Simon Richards (verified owner)

    Whatever your level of writing experience, you’ll discover something here.

  24. Gabriella Niles-Ewen (verified owner)

    A wonderful course taught by Elliot! I learnt so much and gained many new skills. Thank you! Highly recommend.

  25. mm

    Elliot Grove

    I’d blush at your compliment, but am afraid it would distract you from your writing! Keep writing!

  26. Philip (verified owner)

    Elliot has expanded my knowledge of screen writing no end. Even the homework is interesting & creative. Would highly recommend.

  27. SJ Lowes (verified owner)

    I’ve just finished the last of five Wednesday nights on this course, and I have to say it has been great.

    It’s a great mix of craft theory, practical writing and know-how that you could only get from people that have actually done this. The group was made up of aspiring writers at varying stages of their writing careers who, between them, brought some real substance to the sessions, and definitely one or two to watch.

    The day after each session you get a follow up with the resources relevant to the session as well as so many others that your tutor (Elliot for my group) thinks will be useful to you. The resources that are opened up to you, particualrly when you become a member, are just immense.

    For anyone considering getting on the next course then ( and speaking as a natural cynic) don’t hesitate to enroll, because if you want to get serious then this is the course you need to do it with. It’s a non-judgemental, welcoming and light-hearted learning envirnment that remains focused on your goals. Everyone at Raindance wants you to win.

  28. Ian O’Driscoll

    This is a brilliant course that has expanded my knowledge of the screenwriting craft, and I really feel it has opened new doors for me in the industry. Elliot is a brilliant teacher and makes the classes as fun and enjoyable as they are informative.

    I’d definitely recommend this course to any aspiring screenwriters!

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