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YouTube is a phenomenon of the Millenial-Generation and has seen an explosion of web content whereby anyone and everyone can start creating videos from their bedroom and, as these young “tubers” show, start gaining an audience. Defy Media’s new Acument Report: Constant Content has found that 13- to 24-year-olds are more entertained by YouTube content than traditional TV shows, proving that this platform is the place-to-be for creators of Young Adult or “YA” content. However, in this list I’ve got for you, it’s all about teens producing the videos that they want to watch. A mix of travel diary, music video, animation and think-piece, these young teen YouTube creators have something for everybody, which really is the beauty of independent, web production.

Ilya M.

Ilya is a 14 year-old filmmaker, vlogger and photographer living in Tennessee. Impressive visuals and an innovative editing style capture his travels and construct “thought-pieces” that discuss a range of subjects from technology-overload, new year’s resolutions, and a beloved desk plant. Not only are his images skillfully composed, Ilya also makes thoughtful use of sound. In ‘Snap Out Of It’, an orchestra of social media notifications rises to a cacaphony that captures young modern life.

At just over 1K subscribers, his channel is definitely on the smaller side of Youtube, but judging by his age and skill, he is going to deserve a far wider following. Subscribe here:

Amelia Sundays

“Amelia Sundays” is the pseudonym for a 14-year old schoolgirl who resides in the seaside town of Ramsgate; she also happens to attend the local “Harry Potteresque’ grammar school but without the wizardry.

Amelia’s love of the online game Movie Star Planet from an early age led to her hobby of creating cartoon music videos based around the app. After setting up a YouTube account two years ago “just for fun” Amelia has seen her audience grow dramatically, particularly in the past couple of months. Self-taught, Amelia uses iMovie and Final Cut Pro to produce her MSP music videos. The Amelia Sundays YouTube channel currently has 20,000 subscribers. Add Amelia sundays to your subscibe list here:


Starting on Youtube in 2013, Sasha Alsberg of “abookutopia” now has over 290,000 subscribers watching her videos consisting primarily of YA (Young Adult) book reviews and hauls. In the 21st century, when parents are worried that their children are being lost forever to the addictive vortex of technology, “Booktube”, or the reading/reviewing/literary community on Youtube, is a potentially ray of hope. A young, bubbly persona like Sasha’s, combined with her well-produced content, is bound to bring young people back to books. Interested? Subscribe here:


Cheeky 17 year-old Ben Wray lives in Bristol and makes “high quality videos every month with no clear pattern or trend” according to his Youtube bio. Again, jumping on the Casey Neistat trend, his videos involve heavy handed jumpcuts, whip pans, big bold titles… but this stylization is flavoured up with British sarcasm, and some age-appropriate content like his sweetly insightful short on “Work Experience”.

In one year, Ben’s channel has grown into an 11,000 strong community, and judging by his content, and quality-over-quantity approach, this community provides an inspiring safe-haven for an alternative young filmmaking type, out of your average consumers of viral-flashes or thoughtless “challenge” churners. Get all of Ben’s videos here:

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden, of “Jaiden Animations”, appears on her channel as the voice behind a charming cartoon version of herself. Her videos include personal stories and speed art illustrations of Pokémon, amongst collaborations with other Youtube animators. Currently, just over 380,000 people are subscribed to her channel.

In comparison to other animated channels, Jaiden Animations is regularly updated with new content – a testament to the young creator’s talent and hardwork. And not only are her videos technically skillfull, they are funny and relatable and capture the awkward charm of many teens. Subscribe here:

The Perimeter

Malaysian friends, Satyaseelan & Muhd Arsyad started making videos all the way back in 2013 when they were just 14! Now, three years later, these 17 year-olds have carved out a place in the travel “documentary” genre on Youtube, having reached 1,700 subscribers and averaging 800 to a whopping 3,500 views per video! Escaping the endless shots of London’s Tube or New York’s subway, instead of watching LA rush past at pennyboard-speed, these young filmmakers illuminate their home turf of Malaysia for Youtube’s international audience.

Just opening the page of their channel uploads, you are immediately struck by the high contrast colours and attention to texture in their images: just a first-glimpse of the creators’ vivid cinematography. Join their list here:

Savannah Brown

Slightly out of the age-range for this list at 19 years-of-age, Savannah is still young, still a teen, and wildly talented, producing a highly unique mix of content including original songs and spoken poetry. Nearly at 350,000 subscribers, Savannah or “Sav” has built up a strong community over two years since her vlog started. Join here:


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