Winners of the 23rd Raindance Film Festival - Raindance



Best International Feature:

ALICE IN MARIALAND – Dir. Jesús Magaña

Jesús Magaña Vásquez has created a film which beautifully encapsulates what it means to fall in and out of love, the difficulties of moving on and the challenge of forgetting an unresolved past.

Best British Feature:

KICKING OFF – Dir. Matt Wilde

‘Kicking off’ starts with the most important game of the season. Loyal fans Wigsy and Cliff watch in trepidation as their football team score the goal that will save them from relegation.

Best Debut Feature:

PRINCESS – Dir. Tali Shalom Ezer

Meet Adar: constantly playing truant, failing school and on the brink of puberty, she is only 12-years-old.

Best Documentary Feature:

GORED – Dir. Ido Mizrahy

A man steps into the centre of a large sandy pit. He gets down on his knees. In front of him, a pair of doors swing open and a 500-kilo bull charges the kneeling figure.

Feature Film of the Festival:


In this remarkable documentary, we are introduced into the life of David Datuna, a Georgia-born artist who creates very distinctive pieces on national identity.

Best International Short:

HOME – Dir. Amelie Wen

On his last day of work, an elderly migrant caretaker of an abandoned construction site encounters a young girl who has run away from home.

Best UK Short:

NORTH – Dir. Phil Sheerin

Isolated on a farm and fighting against his family, Aaron struggles to be heard as he watches his mother willingly die.

Best Animated Short:

PALM ROT – Dir. Ryan Gillis

An old crop-duster discovers a mysterious crate floating in the Florida Everglades, and it ruins his day.

Best Documentary Short:


‘Cruising through the colorful streets of Havana in its crumbling grandeur, stories behind the street names emerge. The residents share their feelings of pride and experiences of poverty, fear and disillusionment. There is hope among the inhabitants; and a great wish for freedom.’

Short Film of the Festival:

WINTER LIGHT – Dir. Julian Higgins

An aging college professor is drawn into an escalating battle of wills when he confronts two hunters trespassing on his property.

Special Jury Prize for a Short:

THE HOUSE JOB – Dir. Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra

In debt with a dangerous loan shark, Paulo plans an insurance fraud to get money. However, a series of events puts his plan in jeopardy.




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