Why Do We Watch Films? - Raindance

Warning, this article does not answer the question projected in the title. 

I was knocking about on the internet, Reddit specifically, where I stumbled upon a discussion entitled ‘Why should I watch depressing movies when I have enough shit to deal (with) in real life?’

It made me laugh because I couldn’t agree more, and it got me thinking about the reasons we watch films.

I’ve met a few people that say they’re not really bothered about films. They didn’t see how immersing themselves into cinema benefited them… weirdos.

A strange person that doesn't like films.

A strange person that doesn’t like films.

I went to go see Dinosaur Jurassic World the other day, the kind of film that many people will go see to counter all the shit they deal with in real life. However, I didn’t like the film, and for some reason I’ve got a bitterness inside that makes me want people to not go see it.

But TONS of people are enjoying the film, and who am I to make them feel and think otherwise? I’d just be another internet-guy screaming against all the white-noise that accompanies box office monsters.

It’s important to accept that not everyone will experience an art-form the way we’d like. Idiosyncrasy should be celebrated right? It’d be pessimistic to presume everyone’s just loving the film because they’ve played into a huge marketing campaign (one that’s exploiting nostalgia), right!?

This is a source of inner-conflict for me, and it’s because I’m a hypocrite, and I think a lot of you guys are too. I really, really like Alien and have done from a very young age. And I really like Aliens, and, I like Alien 3 even though it’s not that great. I draw the line at Alien: Resurrection because I’ve told myself it isn’t part of the family, and I can’t distinguish amongst all the Alien Vs Predators. I’m yet to see Prometheus and I’m happy that a new Alien film is in the works. There’s a lot more Alien going about than there is Jurassic Park isn’t there? I’m sure someone out there is writing comments across the internet that slander all the Alien sequels.

*Incoming Positivity*

Ultimately; we should get over ourselves and attempt to make something original instead, that’d be much more productive than bitching and moaning. The last thing people need in this world is another ass-clown telling them what they should watch, why they should watch it and why they’re a bad person for watching that stupid dinosaur film. Or do they? God, I don’t know. Birdman deals with that issue quite well, you should go watch that.