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It would hardly be controversial to state that filmmaking is a complicated process with plenty of obstacles, crises, setbacks and compromises along the way. Nor would it be a stretch to say that any tool that would make a filmmaker’s job easier would be more than welcome. After all, there isn’t a filmmaker out there who wants to compromise on the quality of their film. With the right tools, you can do more with your time, budget and your creativity.

When it comes to finding music for film, the best music licensing platform for filmmakers would be the one that makes that process as simple as possible.

If you take a survey among filmmakers about the most irritating part of their job, legal stuff would probably rank pretty high. After all, your dream of becoming a filmmaker involved many things, reading terms and conditions probably wasn’t one of them.

Don’t Mess with Copyrights

Alas, copyright is an intricate and highly litigious field, full of exceptions, restrictions and fine print. Even a song as popular as “Happy Birthday” was copyrighted until 2017, and filmmakers paid millions of dollars in royalties to the company that held that song’s rights. Fortunately, in 2016 song was ruled public domain, and the company was forced to give all the money back. Leaving that happy-ending story aside, messing with copyrights is not a good idea and could end up costing you dearly.

Although the main reason for the emergence of music licensing platforms was to simplify the process of acquiring music for films, the complexity of licenses has shown little improvement over the years.


Artlist Presents – a Simplified License


As filmmakers who shared that frustration, Artlist’s founders decided to simplify its license, so creators could focus on the creative part of their work, free from legal worries.

Since not all licenses are created equal, let’s see how Artlist shifted the industry and made high-quality music available for all types of filmmakers, becoming the best choice for music licensing.


Use the Music on any Platform

Other licenses limit you to certain platforms. This means you can post your video on YouTube and Instagram, but if you want to post it on a website, you will need to pay additional fees. Plus, you might be making a wedding film today, but tomorrow, you could get hired for a commercial. When that happens, you would need to pay additional fees.

Artlist’s license includes all known visual platforms, including commercial work, and even mediums that haven’t been invented yet.

That’s one less thing to worry about.


Use the Music as Many Times as You Want

Other music licensing platforms limit the use of a song to one project. Want to use it again? Pay additional fees.

With Artlist, download a song once and you can use it in as many projects as you want. Looking for a theme song for your web series? Artlist has got you covered.


The Music Is Yours Forever

Other licenses expire with the subscription. That means that If you use a song you downloaded while you were a paying user, you will be forced to change your film’s music. Or, if your film is featured in festivals, you might get stuck paying a license for as long as it is showing. 

With Artlist, once you download a song as a subscriber, you are free to use it in perpetuity, even after your subscription ends. Found a cool song you like but it doesn’t fit the film you are currently working on? Just save it for a future project.

With Artlist, all you have to do is find the perfect song and use it in your film, worry-free.



Filmmakers who subscribe to Artlist can enjoy creative freedom without the worry of incurring additional fees thanks to its limits-free music license. That’s not the only advantage the company has over the competition, of course. When you add time-saving search filters and high-quality indie music from all over the world you have to hear for yourself to believe, you would definitely come to the conclusion that Artlist is the best music licensing platform for filmmakers.



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