Weekly Production Tip #8 - Framing & Cheating - Raindance

This week in our video production tips, we’re talking about cheating.

No, not infidelity. Well, sort of.

What we’re talking about is infidelity to the truth. How many times have you heard these phrases from directors and actors?

‘But this doesn’t look real.’

‘This doesn’t feel right.’

‘Real people wouldn’t do this.’

Well, that’s because nothing in cinema is real. Remember, the audience isn’t watching a live performance. What they see is orchestrated by the Director and limited by the screen. The scenes they see taking place are full of lies and cheats – actors uncomfortably close together, props in completely unrealistic places, special effects and blocking – the smoke and mirrors of a film production.

Watch our video below to discover some of the ‘cheats’ Directors use!




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