Weekly Production Tip #8 - Actor's Vocal Levels in Films - Raindance

This week’s video production tip is one for the Actors.

Directors should also take heed, however, if you’re looking to squeeze a passable performance out of a less-than-capable thespian.

There is one thing all ‘good’ actors do. You may have noticed it, or it may have passed you by. Turn on the TV tonight. Choose a movie, any movie. Wait for the close-up. There. Did you see what that actor did? No? Watch it again. Now listen carefully.

Top Actors adjust their vocal levels depending on the size of shot they’re in.

If you see them in a long shot, they’re speaking loudly and projecting, like in a big theatre.

In a mid-shot, they talk like normal people.

In a close-up, they whisper

This is because in film acting, you’re always trying to pull the audience in to the screen and in to the story. Talking in a low volume makes the audience lean in, concentrate and focus not only on what’s coming out of your mouth, but what your face looks like, what your expression is saying and where the story is headed.

Watch our video below to find out more and see examples of this:




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