Websites Filmmakers Visit (kinda) Everyday - Raindance

Apart from the social media sites everyone can’t get enough, filmmakers are probably looking all over the internet for some good websites designed for them. Here we have a few links that might help them – you! – out.


If we missed some, don’t be shy and send us an e-mail at


Indie Film Community

A huge directory of links to websites of actors, directors, distributors, filmmaking resources and so on

A resources website

Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists

A guide to producers going to/living in Canada

Canadian movie news website

Canada Writers Guild

Check out what’s happening around the country

Crowdfunding is a thing now, but what about a contest to help someone from your own country to win a budget of over $1 million?

Launching Canadian Talent around the world

Learn about production services tax credits

A little bit about everything