We Need A Team - Raindance


“There’s no I in team.”

Now, there’s a cliché if I ever heard one.

But you know what? It also happens to be one of the most fundamental truths of the entire universe, and here’s why.

Get together a group of people with common goals, similar interests and varying degrees of intelligence, knowledge and ability… and well, then you’ve got yourself a team, and the chances are, a successful one at that.

Whether it be a sports team, a medical team, or a filmmaking team. The key is unity, and without it, nothing would get done.

There is a tendency in Hollywood, and the filmmaking world in general, to idolise individuals and key characters, branding them with god-like omnipotence, leading to the subconscious association of greatness or a certain standard of work, with their name and their name alone.

Think of the best film you’ve ever seen. Is it a Spielberg? Or a Tarantino?

The answer is, actually, a list of names longer that your arm and leg, consisting of people with titles from ‘Director’ to ‘Best Boy One’.

Here at Raindance, we understand the real gritty importance of having a solid production team, as well as the art of Networking, which is why we hold events such as Open House, where anyone can come along, meet new people, throw each other ideas, or maybe even get together afterward and make a film.

For people like me, whose title currently stands as “intern: will work for nothing”, I absolutely understand and appreciate the concept of working as a team. Without it in play, I wouldn’t be here at Raindance right now, because I wouldn’t be needed, and Raindance probably wouldn’t exist.

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