Raindance Vancouver Volunteering

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Are you passionate about filmmaking? Want to get hands on experience working for the organization that trained Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright and Guy Ritchie? Do you have some extra time on your hands, a big heart and a LOT of patience? If so,

Raindance Vancouver is waiting for YOU! 

Raindance is always looking for  CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL and DEDICATED volunteers who are serious about getting their career off the ground and want to pitch in with the lot of us nutty workaholics.

Interested in helping out?

E-mail your Resume: vancouver@raindance.org


Volunteering Positions Available:

1. Communications

Social Media Coordinator

Basic Duties

  • Manage and moderate Raindance’s Facebook, Twitter and Meetup accounts
  • Regularly post content to Raindance’s Facebook and Twitter
  • Update events in Meetup account
  • Respond to private messages directed to Raindance’s social media accounts
  • Download Facebook analytic reports and send to Raindance once weekly
  • Post photos captured at Raindance Events
  • Tweet and Facebook live updates from events


  • Competent and comfortable using social media platforms
  • Interested in filmmaking and the Canadian independent film scene
  • Consistent and regular access to Internet
  • Comfortable speaking on behalf of Raindance
  • Self directed and self motivated
  • Familiar with Raindance’s mission and mandate
  • Familiar with the interest of Raindance’s target audience
  • Excellent grammar
  • Thoughtful, mindful of tone and sensitive to controversial issues
  • Must have smartphone

Web Master

  • Use content management system to update Raindance event calendar
  • Reference previous calendar submissions to check for continuity
  • Communicate with Raindance office staff and event planners


  • Write articles for Raindance Website
  • Research news items, blogs and articles concerning independent filmmaking in Canada
  • Be passionately interested in filmmaking
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good communicator
  • Desire to expose new trends and share information

Graphic Design/Artist

Basic Duties:

  • Create promotional materials for Raindance events
  • Communicate drafts to Raindance event planners and office staff
  • Revise materials as needed


  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite software (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Prior experience with graphic design

2. Events

Membership Processing Volunteer

  • Process incoming membership registration and renewals
  • Maintain and update membership database
  • Help direct membership drive mail outs
  • Answer phones
  • Occasionally help with general office tasks
  • Be knowledgeable of Raindance’s mandate as well as details of membership program

Event Photographer

  • Photograph event speakers or special guests
  • Photograph members in action at events
  • Submit photographs to Raindance staff
  • Understand workflow of taking pictures, formatting and uploading
  • Upload photos to various social media platforms
  • Must have own equipment

3. Development

Development Coordinator

  • Research potential fundraising opportunities for Raindance Vancouver
  • Communicate with volunteers who recommend fundraising projects
  • Communicate fundraising opportunities to Raindance Vancouver staff
  • Upon approval, secure necessary requirements for fundraising activities
  • Communicate with Volunteer Coordinator to secure volunteers to assist with fundraising projects


Fundraising Assistant

Examples of Activities you may be asked to assist with:

  • Garage sales
  • Book sales
  • Donor drives


  • Willingness to participate in varied activities
  • Positive, enthusiastic attitude


Grant Writer

Basic Duties:

  • Research grant opportunities
  • Communicate opportunities to Raindance office staff
  • Communicate with development Committee Chair
  • Upon approval, write grant/proposal
  • Submit grant to Raindance office staff prior to submission to the awarding agency
  • Upon approval of the Raindance office, submit grant to the awarding agency


  • Prior experience in grant writing strongly recommended
  • Must understand basic organization of grants/proposals
  • Must have clear and persuasive writing skills


Donor Development

Basic Duties:

  • Familiarize self with Raindance missions, programs and activities
  • Familiarize self with past, current and potential donors and donation opportunities
  • Research additional major donors and foundations
  • Provide recommendations to Raindance office staff on additional donor opportunities
  • Communicate with Development Committee Chair
  • Contact potential major donors and foundations
  • Coordinate membership volunteers to contact past donors
  • Coordinate recognition of donors


  • Prior experience in fundraising/development for organizations
  • Must understand basic structure of foundation support