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Script Consultant – Michelle Muldoon

Michelle Muldoon

Feature and Short Screenplay Consultant

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Screenwriting is a solitary creative craft that often requires feedback in order to see the story develop beyond the version that’s stuck in your head or on the page. Writers can get fixated on the direction they’ve taken the story and may struggle to see the possibilities beyond the path they are on. An objective outside voice can help dislodge that singular vision.

Great spec script writing includes an attention to the details of the story, as well as a strong knowledge of acceptable formatting principles.  A script consultation is often the best way to ensure that the advice received is objective, with the sole purpose of ensuring the next draft is significantly better than the last.


What you get:

  • Story and formatting notes commensurate with the needs of the screenplay.
  • An hour of one on one time to go over the notes and discuss questions (in person, on skype or via phone.).
  • The hard copy of the script with initial rough notes and formatting correction examples noted.
*Please contact for quotes on short screenplays, synopses and treatments.



ALL Feature Screenplays, up to 120 pages : $225.00

Synopses and Treatments: prices vary depending on details, including page
count, and script category (feature/short).

*Please ask for a quote if your script exceeds the above page count.
GST (Canada goods and service tax) applied to the total cost for Canadian clients.


You need a script consultant if…

  • Your writing feels stuck.
  • You’ve completed a 1st draft but don’t know how to take it to the next level
  • You feel your script doesn’t work but no one can pinpoint why
  • You want to give your script/final draft to a producer and want to make sure it’s ready

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About Michelle Muldoon


Michelle Muldoon teaches the Introductory Screenwriting course for Raindance Vancouver.

Michelle is an award-winning screenwriter, screenplay competition creator and filmmaker residing in Vancouver, BC. She has created competitions for both the Action on Film International Film Festival in Monrovia, California and the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival in Vancouver, BC.  Her involvement with competitions gives her a unique window into story progression, judging protocols, and creative skill development.

She has worked with a number of filmmakers and writers to move their screenplays forward. Most notably; “Dragonfly” which received an option deal, the festival award-winning “The Time of Killing”, and the feature film “Sunny and RayRay” which was released in 2013.

For more details and testimonials, please visit Michelle’s Blog here.

For further information or to request a service tailored to your particular writing needs, please contact

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