PR Consultant – Nicola Pender

Nicola Pender

Public Relations Consultant

Nicola Pender is a Public Relations professional with more than a decade of experience as the Director of Communications at Thunderbird Entertainment, one of Canada’s top production companies. At Thunderbird, Nicola was responsible for corporate communications, talent relations, branding, international junkets, red carpets, press releases and pitching for both film and television. If it had anything to do with the media Nicola was front and centre. She has worked on some of the top entertainment properties and with some of the top talent in the world. Highlights of her career include multiple world premiere’s at the Toronto International Film Festival, working the red carpet at the London International Film Festival and being a part of Canada’s #1 comedy Kim’s Convenience. 

Nicola has been offering freelance publicity and media relations services through her company Pender PR for the past three years. Her clients include production companies, actors, musicians and filmmakers. Her services include press release and campaign creation, publicity, communication and marketing strategy, red carpet events and media relations of any kind. Nicola is focused on the promotion of local talent in front of and behind the scenes.

For further information or to request a service tailored to your particular PR needs, please contact vancouver@raindance.org. Please list PR CONSULTANT REQUEST in your subject line.