Raindance Vancouver

Raindance Vancouver is a branch of Raindance Film Festival – Europe’s largest independent film festival. We aim to support emerging and independent filmmakers in bringing to life their projects by providing access to up-to-date, industry-focussed film training, networking opportunities and links to the local film industry on Canada’s West Coast.

This page contains all of the information you’ll need to know about our Raindance Vancouver hub, including upcoming courses and events, as well as how to contact us.

Courses available at Raindance Vancouver

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“Raindance is a fantastic resource for young filmmakers, providing a forum for discussion, training and a showcase for their talents” Gillies MacKinnon

Director, Small Faces, Hideous Kinky, Regeneration

Raindance Vancouver


Contact Us

Email: vancouver@raindance.org

Phone: 1.855.595.RAIN (7246)

National Pink Day: Celebrating Colour in Cinema

Many productions that are filmed in colour usually have a certain colour scheme that sets the tone for the film. This is called the Film Color Theory, which states that certain colours in a film can draw out certain emotions from its audience. Manipulating these...

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Get Your Film Delivery Requirements Right

You've finished your film, and submitted it to a ranking film festival got accepted and now you have a Film Sales Agent. Your job is far from over. Now you need to satisfy your agent that you are able to deliver the deliverables.The sooner in the production process...

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Getting Over Writer’s Block

Don't stay stuck! If you get stuck in the middle of writing your screenplay, don’t give up and don’t be tempted by the lure of starting a different story. That one will also have a difficult middle. Instead, use the first two methods below to get into a constructive...

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