True Crimes to Watch - Raindance

If you hear your flat mate shouting comments like “they told him how he killed her,” or “where are his parents.” Most likely they are watching Making a Murderer. If you have not seen it yet stop procrastinating and watch it. Although you will still be upset, here are a few more True Crimes that will have you questioning everything you once thought you knew.

1. Capturing the Friedmans

A highlight of Raindance 2003 was this opening night film.

The Friedman family has their faults as many families do. But when police find patriarch Arnold Friedman with magazines of child pornography, what comes next leaves everyone divided as to who is guilty if anyone is at all.

Even though this documentary does not force a side on you, you will choose a side just to keep from going mad.

2. The House of Suh

After the death of both of his parents, Andrew Suh lives under the custody of his older sister Catherine. With the freedom to finally be a kid Andrew tries to pick up the pieces of his life. Andrew’s only family is his sister Catherine and her boyfriend Robert. The trio seems to be happy and Andrew continues his life pursuing the American Dream. When Catherine tells Andrew that Robert was the one who murdered their mother, Andrew is given an ultimatum, call the police and lose his sister or get rid of Robert.

This documentary is not a question of who is guilty but of whether or not you sympathize with Andrew.

3. Tabloid

There are different versions of every story, but only one of those versions is the truth. Tabloid is the story of Joyce McKinney and the abduction of her love Kirk Anderson. The documentary focuses on Joyce’s side of the story. There are also a few interviews with the people involved before and after the incident. Whether or not you believe Joyce, be prepared to be emotionally confused. The story is so absurd that it may just be real.

4. The Jinx

This six-part documentary series is a result of Director Andrew Jarecki’s 2010 film All Good Things, about David Marks, a troubled man accused of murdering a childhood friend, a neighbor, for the Disappearance of his wife Katie. The real life David Marks would be Robert Durst. The documentary series allows Robert Durst to tell his story of everything that has happened while still having interviews with the detectives on the case and his first wife, Katie’s friends and family. The series is somewhat slow, but that may have more to do with Robert Durst’s slightly awkward personality.

Despite the fact that Robert Durst was not convicted of any of the murders, it doesn’t mean you can’t form your own opinion. Is Robert Durst guilty or is he just an odd, misunderstood, man or as he refers to himself a jinx, with a broken past and the make for a perfect scapegoat.

5. In Cold Blood

This 1967 film is an adaptation of Truman Capote 1965 true-crime novel of the same name. The story centers around Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, their plans to steal money soon turns into a murder. This is not a documentary film and it is not just another reenactment. Robert Brooks, the Director of the film uses the original location of the murder and other key locations used in real life. The actors chosen for the film are practically spitting images of the real criminals. In Cold Blood takes great lengths to recreate the events of the 1959 Murder of the Clutters Family.

6. Making a Murderer (Maybe)

There have been multiple rumors and sites claiming filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi are planning a season 2 of the hit documentary. It is not guaranteed that the filmmakers will be able to follow through, as now more people of Manitowoc County have hard feelings toward the two. Hopefully, there will be a way to get around this issue without jeopardizing the directors’ safety. If so, after watching the other True Crimes I have just mentioned, take a moment to rest your brain, watch the first season again if necessary, and prepare yourself for what is to come.