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Larissa works in the Raindance Toronto studio. She created and runs FINISHIT, a monthly screenwriting event, in-house and online. She also co-hosts the monthly Black List Toronto Happy Hour at The Hideout on Queen St. West. She has studied writing and screenwriting at Humber, UCLA and U of T.

Why script feedback is a good idea:

  • You’ve finished a rough draft, or a few passes, but want to identify the major problems before reaching out to a script consultant
  • You can take classes until you’re blue in the face, but what you really need is practise and feedback.
  • Script coverage is mainly only helpful if you’re already at a place in your career where optioning a script is viable.
  • When your focus is less on selling and more on telling a solid story with compelling characters.


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Send me your feature outline up to 4 pages (12 pt. Times New Roman, single-spaced) and any concerns you have. I’ll give you 2 – 3 pages of feedback and suggestions focusing on story, character, structure, and stakes. I’ll also include a pdf outline checklist to help you with re-writes.

I will provide 4 – 6 pages worth of expanded feedback on story, character, world, conflict, and stakes. I will also include feedback on dialogue, tone, specific scenes, as well as some general proof-reading and line-specific notes.

*Please note that this is not script coverage, and I won’t grade your script. However, I will highlight what is and isn’t working, and provide suggestions to improve your feature.
** For scripts over 120 pages, please contact me before purchase for additional page rates.

(please see website for more details)