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Raindance Toronto is the film training and networking branch of Britain’s Raindance Film Festival. We work to promote and support independent filmmaking and filmmakers in Canada.

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  • Write and plan your movie. We can help with that.
  • Make your movie. We can help with that.
  • Show your movie. We can help with that too!

From new and emerging filmmakers to industry pros, Raindance connects, trains, supports and promotes visual storytellers through every step of their career.

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“Whether you’re just thinking of starting a career in film, or have been doing it for years, Raindance Toronto offers something for everybody. If you’re a filmmaker who needs help, there will be somebody who will take the time to help you, and be sure to connect you with all the right people. ”
William Brownridge

Editor-in-Chief, Toronto Film Scene

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Film training and screenwriting
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Tips for Filming Underwater

Tips for Filming Underwater

As Dave chappele said it almost 17 years ago in his famous comedy series the “Chappele’s show”: Everything looks better in slow motion.  As a content creator, shooting slow motion has always been a fantasy of mine. As I'm sure it has been for many of you.  Growing up...

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7 Reasons To Submit to the Japan Indies Film Festival

7 Reasons To Submit to the Japan Indies Film Festival

If you haven't been to Japan yet, you are missing out. There are 7 reasons to submit to JIFF. The  JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival is a truly independent international film festival supporting young talent from around the world. Creating dreams and hope through cinema...

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How the Covid-19 Pandemic changed the world of Filmmaking

How the Covid-19 Pandemic changed the world of Filmmaking

When the pandemic first hit, people of all ages found themselves stranded at home unable to participate in any activities. Kids found themselves logging onto Fortnite dozens of times a day while adults found themselves streaming Netflix much more often than they...

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