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It seems Virtually reality being used by so many talented creators of content now with releases of feature film promotions to premiere festival virtual reality short films. This list includes a variety of different approach each take in this process.


4mins 53sec

Director Justin Lin

Country of Origin United States

This Alien Monster epic directed by Justin Lin, previous work includes fast and furious and most recently Star Trek beyond. This epic is set in Los Angeles when a meteor shower leaves a deep panic throughout the city as you escape from getting attacked. It appears no place is safe.

The Invisible Man

10mins 17sec

Director Hugo Keijzer

Country of Origin United states

“Low-level drug traffickers Nick and Kid share a secret: they have high-value narcotics stashed in a barn somewhere. But they also have a debt to pay – to Frank. When Frank suddenly shows up at their’ hideout, they have no choice but to oblige in his sadistic proposal to settle scores with a variation to the game of Russian Roulette. Each click of the chamber reveals a little bit more about each character in the room.”

The Fight For Falluja

11mins 8sec

Director Ben C. Solomon

Country of origin United States

This clip follows Ben C. Solomon, filmmaker and journalist of the new york times as he documents in VR through experience the battles that Iraqi forces undergo on a day to day basis to protect the city of Falluja from ISIS.


6min 7sec

Director Gevorg Karensky

Country of origin the United States

“This film presents the story of undercover agent Justin Lau and the heist of his life. Lau, Mauro and Veronica are out to finish an undercover job, but as we know, everything that can go wrong, will always go wrong.“ Thrilling car chase scenes as well as performances, Produced by Mini USA they have released a set of short Virtual reality films directed by Gevorg Karensky that are absolutely astounding, Not the only from the Mini Series shorts that are making the list.


5mins 38 secs

Director Patrick Osborne

Country of Origin United States

“Set inside their home, a beloved hatchback, Pearl follows a girl and her dad as they crisscross the country chasing their dreams. It’s a story about the gifts we hand down and their power to carry love. And finding grace in the unlikeliest of places.” Great uses of imagination and storytelling hitting an emotional spot deep down inside.

Real Memories

5mins 47sec

Director Gevorg Karensky

Country of Origin United States

This is a much more dramatic approach from the other shorts released by Mini, IT’s a man Named max as remember his past in a darker way. This shows just how much we start to empathize with others and through the lens of VR making it almost an eerie experience as you are just a fly on the wall as you watch max at times compete with what he remembers.


3mins 6sec

Director Andes Rizky

Country of Origin Asia

A horror virtual reality short that screened at a popcorn Asia festival finally released to the public from its 2015 premiere.

Monster Hunter

2mins 19sec

Director Brent Coble

Country of Origin United States

Completely changing the perception approach when it comes to the horror genre. In this short film put you in the shoes of the killer, I can when watching a variety of different horror video you usually almost always play the victims or bystanders but not in this one.

Don’t Breathe

1mins 52sec

Director Fede Alvarez

Country of Origin United States

Here is the first of two feature film promotional Short virtual films that they advertised for the film.Throwing you in situations just as the characters in the film. This is very interesting considering the future of cinema and what VR and contribute in the long run.  

The Jungle book

Director Andy Jones

Country of Origin United states

Second Promotional VR getting spotlighted here, This shows the variety of content that is released for all types of ages. Voice overs of Bill Murray,Christopher Walken, Ben Kingsley and much more.

Virtual reality is still relatively new and has come a long way. It seems the questions asked is, where will this lead use in the future.



Reid Payne is a Toronto based filmmaker originally from Winnipeg, as a child he would use his father's old camcorder to make short films encouraging and employing friends,family and neighbors to participate in his films. Writing, Directing and Producing content locally and has worked currently on various independent projects from shorts to features.