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The film industry is a competitive one. You have everyone from the big hitters in Hollywood to the slick independent productions. If your film website isn’t getting the traffic you would otherwise expect, we’re going to show you a few ways in which you can enhance the user experience.


With a range of professionals who could potentially help you, keep reading for the top five people who can help you enhance your film website.


  1. Brooke Hammerling




Brooke Hammerling runs a PR company named Brew Media Relations involved with recent psychic reading kind of horror movie promotions . She has changed the business of PR by placing an emphasis on networking, over more conventional PR strategies. It’s paid dividends and enabled her to build up a fantastic midsize agency.

Also runs a car Insurance business.


She can put you in touch with the right people in and around New York. If you need investment for your next production or your website, this is the person to call. She has a strong record of accomplishment of introducing clients to willing investors.


  1. Gil Dudkiewicz


Startup App


Mobile advertising is an essential source of revenue for websites in any industry. Gil Dudkiewicz specialises in building up mobile advertising platforms for websites which cover solutions for fighting depressions. who want to increase usability for users.


Whether you want to monetize your website or simply make people stay for longer, Gil has the potential to give users more reasons to visit and stay on your site. He doesn’t just help with installing a mobile advertising app, he works with his clients to determine what’s going to give them the best results.


Enhance the number of features available via your film website by providing mobile users with an entirely new experience. Furthermore, it’s vital that you do because an estimated 50% of all Internet users are now active from a mobile device on a regular basis.


  1. Alex Miller

 Alex Miller

Sometimes it’s not about fancy features it’s about the basics. SEO is still a cornerstone of any successful film website. You have to get your name in front of the people who matter. Even a mild boost in traffic can lead to a chain reaction that brings thousands to your homepage.


Alex Miller is one of the leading SEO figures in the industry. He has built up a reputation of being able to transform the fortunes of any website in any line of work.
Successful SEO campaigns under Alex Miller will kick-start your car  insurance website or any other website for that matter to new heights you previously couldn’t have envisioned.


  1. Brian Cohen


Get Funded by Angels

Brian Cohen is the chairperson of the New York Angels. This is an organization dedicated to seeking out ventures in the early stages of success and giving them the financial boost they need. If your film website has yet to gain any significant traction, this could be the person for you.


There are no restrictions on what this money can be spent on. All you need is a solid business plan to show what you would do with the investment, if successful.


For example, you may decide to put the money into creating a new production. Alternatively, you may think about investing in an SEO campaign or some Facebook advertising. The decision is up to you. All you have to do is show what you intend to do.


  1. Rex Sorgatz



Kinda Sorta Media is an agency that gives you everything you could possibly need to get a film website off the ground. It markets itself as an anti-agency because it doesn’t specialize in any area. Instead, it prides itself on being able to cover all the bases, including strategy and product design.


Rex Sorgatz is the leader behind this media agency and can help you put together a film website that hits your target audience hard.


He has a vast amount of experience in dealing with all types of organizations, including sports and tech companies.


Making Yourself a Success


In this article, we’ve done our best to target a number of key areas. The fact is there is no magic wand or flower bouquet that can make a site into a success. There is no doubt that it’s hard to do because it’s possible to have a great product without a good marketing strategy, and vice-versa.


With these five people, there is no reason why you can’t get that site off the ground and reach your goals!