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The world is moving towards digitalization. There have been constant improvements in the field of technology, and the world has been making regular changes and innovations. Every industry has made newer breakthroughs, which has enabled them to save costs and develop more and better technology. For instance, cell phones have drastically changed over the years in shape, sizes, and performance. The field of film making is another example of how technology is improving and growing. 

Previously, filmmaking was done with large machinery and was then developed in dark rooms, which took up a lot of time and space because of the size of the machines. Over the years, technology has made tremendous changes and made film making much more accessible and portable.

Most of the filmmakers are now carrying 4k cameras in their smartphones, which is more than enough for filmmaking. Alongside these smartphones, multiple apps will help you with film making, that are readily available on different app stores.

1: Artemis Pro

Artemis Pro is one of the latest apps of the 21st century that have made a fundamental impact on the traditional film making ways. It is the first digital app for your smartphones. Over the years, Artemis pro is known for supporting students who have won Oscars from around the world in film making.

The app works in a way that allows your phone’s camera to see the real view in an HD display by setting a camera sensor and lenses. Artemis pro did win an Emmy award for its continuous service and help that has helped thousands of filmmakers around the world. It is available on different play stores starting $29.99 

2: Helios Pro

This app is designed especially for designers, cinematographers, and photographers. It has a built-in reality system that can not only help you find the exact location of the stars, sun, and the moon, but it also helps you understand and visualize how shots would look in different locations and at any time of the year.

This is something that has made a breakthrough in the film making industry because of the multiple options and availabilities it provides. The initial motive of the app was to create 3d ideas for mountainous areas to notice and capture the change of light. This would help you know how the lighting in a particular area would be even before the time. This app is available on different play stores for $29.99.

3: LumaFusion

LumaFusion is one of the most potent and reputable apps that has become a massive help for filmmakers. It is a video editor and gives a traditional video editing vibe. This app consists of a non-linear editing option in it with built-in three tracks for audio and video and an addition of three tracks for narration and sound effects as well as music.

Furthermore, there are several layouts options available as well for multiple customizations of videos. This app also supports different frames and aspects, editing, audio mixing, and even different keyframes. Apart from the basic editing options, this app provides you with custom editing as well, which can be saved for future references. This app is available on different play stores for $19.99

4: MovieSlate

One of the critical factors while shooting is your slate; if you forget that, things could become complicated and confusing. Movie slate is what will make your life easier when it comes to this. This app is a digital and a time-coded version of the traditional slates and not only this, but it has added functions where you can add in extra roles such as the production name, the director, and even the photographer. Also, you can add in the file name and even the type of equipment used.

This app has an added benefit of coming with a time-coded buddy integration. This gives you the advantage of using the SMPTE time code and syncs it over the WIFI. If you have an internet connection with you, this app can be beneficial as it automatically downloads and generates the location and other basic service options on its own. This app is available on iTunes for $24.99.

5: Kodak Cinema Tools

Kodak has been in our lives since we were kids. The company has made a name for themselves in the digital industry with all different types of cameras and other tech devices. To stay in the market, Kodak has no developed an app to help filmmakers and make their lives easier. This app solves your production needs and comes with a film and field calculator.

The field calculator gives you the option to add additional information such as the length and measurement of the shot. This helps you understand the dynamics of the shot, which can be very helpful. The film calculator helps you to find the time taken for a specific file format to run and how much of the film you would need to shoot the scenes. This app is available on different app stores and is one of the famous mobile apps used in film making.

6: Producer App

The producer app is a development of True Hero Studio is a one-stop-shop for all that you need and that too, right in your pocket. This app helps you make multiple projects, therefore making it easier and accessible. With each project, you have the option to add different locations, the whole cast and production crew.

This app can also work as a notebook for you, as you can take pictures and write notes beside them to keep all of them in one place. This app could also eliminate the cost of an assistant as it contains all the information that is needed; from your call sheets to your scripts, this app has it all. It is available on different app stores.

Making Our Lives Easier with Handy Apps!

Filmmaking is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. It requires a lot of time, skills, and patience in order to successfully create the perfect shot. These apps have been helping filmmakers from around the world and giving them the accessibility to all these apps within the palm of your hands and the opportunity to create something better for the film industry. For a small one-time price, you can purchase these apps readily available on different app stores and get started.



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