Top 5 Rube Goldberg Machines - Raindance

A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine which sets one thing off after another, to perform a simple task at the end, such as a photograph being taken/a banner falling etc… They can be quite complicated machines or quite simple, however usually not the latter!

The machine is named after Rube Goldberg himself, of course, who was an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer and inventor.

These are 5 of the best Rube Goldberg machines (in my opinion, of course!)

OK Go – This too shall pass

A bit of an obvious one! If you haven’t seen/heard of this music video, you have most definitely been living under a rock. It has been said that took over 60 takes (most lasting 30 seconds) over the course of 2 days. All shot using a steadicam.

The Engineering Machine

A Rube Goldberg machine which builds itself? Woah! Using stop-motion animation and filmed with a Motion Control rig. Technical stuff.

Melvin the mini machine

Designed to travel the world, this Rube Goldberg machine has been built in a couple of suitcases! The machine was originally a lot bigger, but due to travel and reconstruction issues, HEYHEYHEY decided to re-build it a lot smaller.

The Page Turner

A quirky one. How to read a newspaper, the easier way?

Isaac Newton vs. Rube Goldberg

A machine inspired by Rube Goldberg and Isaac Newton, of course it’s going to be great. Also said to be one of the hardest yet fun projects 2d house have done.