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Film crowd funding is a relatively new industry, its popularity is on peak. Most of the new crowd funders have to face a lot of problems due to lack of experience, skills and knowledge about the subject. If you are doing preparation to launch your crowd funding campaign for the first time, you must be going through hectic times because in most of the projects, you have to spend 20-30 hours every week which simply means you don’t have enough time for research and learning which is quite important to run a campaign successfully.

Lacking Time for Research? Listen to Crowd funding Podcasts?

What to do if you lack time for researching and reading? Well, the best solution is to learn tips and tricks from experts through podcasts. You can get very good educational stuff and educate yourself by listening to podcasts in voices of experienced speakers who love to record and share their knowledge, experience and findings. But without any doubts, podcasts can be really an effective way to learn a lot about new subjects or industries. The most important thing about them is that you can listen them wherever and whenever you want.

Few Podcasts That Cover Almost Everything about Crowd funding?

Podcasts are believed to be notoriously fickle lot because so many people start taking part in such activities in their leisure time or when they want to take their attention away from other exhausting projects. This is the reason why you don’t listen many good podcasts these days. I have listed below five of the best crowd funding podcasts for you which cover variety of topics such as planning, management, investments etc.

Top 5 Film Crowd Funding Podcasts You Can’t Ignore

1: Funding the Dream on Kickstarter By Richard Bliss

Funding the dream is a great source of learning about crowd funding. The podcasts usually last for twenty minutes and in this short period; you can get a lot of information because the host shares his experiences with the listeners and let them know every aspect of the subject. Secrets to be successful on kickstarter, how to find new kickstarter projects, how to fund new projects and various other subjects have already been discussed. There is a lot to learn in 250+ episodes,

2: CrowdCrux Crowd funding: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Ecommerce by Salvador Briggman

This is one of the most popular podcast series in which you can learn a lot from successful campaigns. The founder of this series is Salvador Briggman who has been featured as an expert in this subject by WallStreet Journal and New York Times. More than 100 episodes have been released so far covering soical media crowdfunding, female entrepreneurship, raising money, advertising, marketing etc.

3: KickCast – The Podcast for Crowdfunding Projects! | KickStarter | IndieGoGo By Ktdata

There are various crowd funding websites where you can find a lot of projects but who will decide what project can be more profitable for you? Well, KickCast does it for you by checking a huge number of projects on different platforms. You don’t have to go through every project from thousands of choices but there are the best chosen for you by the kickcast. Besides, you can also learn a lot of tips and tricks from the experts.

4: Crowd Fund Genius by ZacBob

The genius host of this genuine podcast is ZacBob who has been in the industry for many years. He always tries to dig out the secrets of crowdfunding by interviewing experienced crowdfunders who have been successful on Indiegogo, Kickstarter and various other popular platforms. You will be able to listen to almost every important aspect of the industry including press releases and social media strategies.

5: The Remarkable Crowdfunding Toddcast: Ideas | Tribes | Funding | Lifestyle By Todd Heslin

This podcast series basically focuses on useful tips, tricks and techniques to help you become a successful crowd fund campaigner. You will listen inspirational stories from successful people who will let you know how you can stay motivated throughout your campaign. There are not hundreds of episodes but the ones you listen on this platform will be of great information. You can listen to interviews of experienced entrepreneurs who have worked with major platforms including indiegogo, kickstarter, crowdfunder, rally and funable.

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