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Interested in making a web series? Try animation!

Animated web shorts have been growing massively in popularity over the years. Why? An animated web series is a fantastic way to engage an audience on so many levels. They are relatable, funny, colourful, dramatic, and sure to attract a crowd. A huge advantage web shorts have, is the ability to expand across all platforms of social media at a lighting fast pace. This will generate views and popularity, and have your audience begging for more! So if you’re interested in animation, a web series is an excellent way to get your work noticed!

Need some inspiration?

Check out these 5 very popular animated web series


 #1 How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended offers viewers a comedic perspective on alternate endings to popular films. Aside from their original “How It Should Have Ended Series”, they also offer a variety of animated shorts such as “Villain Pub” and “Superhero Café”. Their style of animation is excellent, the jokes are fresh, and it keeps audiences coming back for more. With over a million views on each video shortly after its release, it is no surprise their YouTube channel has over 6.5 million subscribers.

#2 College Humor Originals 

College humor has been producing comedic shorts for the web since their debut in 1999. They have grown exponentially since then, branching out to articles, viral videos, blogs, and merchandise. However, College Humor wouldn’t be where they are today, without their “College Humor Original” series. This featured comedic shorts, as well as animated shorts, that targeted a college bound audience. College Humor can be considered one of the founding fathers of animated web shorts. Their animation has intrigued audiences for years as they cover topics relatable to teens and young adults. Some topics include, Dating, Partying, Movies, Video Games, and pop culture.


#3 Cyanide & Happiness

Emerging as a comic strip in 2005, Cyanide & Happiness is one of the most popular animated shorts on the web right now. Their use of stick figure animation had quickly grown in popularity, as the animation around and behind the characters is much more than the simplicity of stick figures. The animation style is colourful, exciting, and leaves viewers either laughing, or in shock. Mostly focusing on dark humor, Cyanide & Happiness relates to the struggles one might experience in life day to day.

#4 sWooZie

sWooZie is a great example of good and effective story telling. sWooZie focuses on story telling rather than animation. The animation is basic, but when paired with an interesting, and intriguing voice over, it results in a great short video. Using his personal experiences as material for his shorts, (such as “Confessions of a Disney Employee”) he engages audiences on a personal level using comedy and relatability.

#5 Simons Cat

If you own a cat, this series is for you. The series is based off the creator’s personal experience’s of owning a cat, and the trials and tribulations that ensue. Much like sWooZie, Simons Cat relies on good story telling over advanced animation. The shorts feature well crafted 2D animations that tell the story of a mischievous cat constantly getting himself, and his owner Simon, into trouble.

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