Top 10 YouTube Channels for Indie Filmmakers - Raindance

How to learn filmmaking without spending time and money? YouTube is the quickest and most efficient way to find out everything you need to know to make a film. Here are 10 best YouTube channels that will help. If you are thinking about making your own channel and monetising your content, why not look at our one dy masterclass: How to Create And Market Your Webseries?

1. Film Courage

Film courage offers a great variety of filmmaking, directing and screenwriting tips in a short interview format. You can also find success stories of people from around the world, masterclasses and loads of behind-the-scenes videos from sets! Overall, Film courage is probably the best bet for indie filmmakers looking for advice and inspiration.

2. Film Riot

Everything an indie filmmaker could possibly want to find on a YouTube channel: loads of tutorials, helpful tips, short films with detailed behind-the-scenes and video production reports. The Film Riot team demonstrates how great quality films can be easily affordable.

3. Raindance

Yes, Raindance is on the list and for a reason! Weekly Production Tips on Raindance YouTube channel provide detailed explanations of the story structure, framing, sound and other aspects of filmmaking. Now, all you need to do is subscribe and watch a short video every week to stay updated.

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4. IndependentVFX

Visual effects tutorials for independent filmmaking, what’s more to say? See for yourself:

5. Matthew Pearce

This channel is a perfect find for low-budget filmmaking. An interesting touch to Matthew Pearce’s channel is his focus on Apple products in making a film, so this is definitely a place to find tips about filming with an iPhone or see editing apps reviews!

6. The Frugal Filmmaker

DIY filmmaking tips, filming equipment reviews and general advice on production. The Frugal Filmmaker is the ideal channel for filmmakers with limited budget.

7. Every Frame a Painting

According to the title, this channel is dedicated to the visual aspects of filmmaking. The videos demonstrate appreciation of cinematic picture and introduce the viewer to the secrets of making a great looking film.

8. Jeremy Jahns

A bunch of entertaining film reviews by Jeremy Jahns mostly highlight filmmaking fails. This channel is not only fun to watch but definitely educational for those looking to make a career in film industry. Enjoy!

9. What the flick?

A movie review channel with honest and straightforward discussions of latest films. These guys tend to avoid tasteless jokes for viewer attraction and rather give objective (as far as possible) and well-structured criticism of the films.

10. Future shorts

At the moment, Future shorts presents a collection of nearly a 600 short films. A must-see for any indie filmmaker.