Top 10 Cinema 2.0 Take Aways - Raindance

Cinema 2.0 is all about making your own cinema on your own terms for your own audience.  You have to take the first steps and start shooting and sharing – today. If I had to distil this manifesto down to simple statements – these would be it:





Everything else comes in time. The only way to find an audience is to go and make one. The goal of Cinema 2.0 is to help you realize that no matter where you are in the world, you can succeed if you really want – if you begin today.

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Freedom begins once you take personal responsibility for your actions and stop looking for others to fund, finance or find you amidst the clutter of 21st-century media. Who’s stopping you?


Reach out, stand up, shout, share and smile as you release your cinema from the constraints of the mainstream and enjoy the opportunity to create your own original and authentic cinema.



Give away, barter, negotiate, share, offer, screen and embrace the myriad of opportunities outside the mainstream.

Just because you can.

Everything else comes in time.

Here are the Top 10 takeaways for Cinema 2.0 evangelists.

  1. There is no room in the mainstream world if you’re promoting dangerous, downbeat or genre-challenging ideas outside the norm. #stepwayoutsidethenorm
  2. You don’t need try and compete with mainstream movie productions. Design original and outrageous art. Be your own self and share openly everywhere. Make some noise.
  3. Mainstream cinema is fighting for their theatre space and their audience every day. Avoid this over saturated market and concentrate on your fringe content and niche marketing.
  4. Make more with much less. Work with what you have. Stop apologizing. Start creating. Now. #diyordie
  5. Reverse Engineer everything you have when writing and shooting. Make a list of assets. Use them to tell your original story.
  6. Take stock of locales, props, tools, gear and people who can help you. Ask them to. #askforhelp
  7. Look to specific areas or genres underserved by conventional films and examine them. Do your homework and explore outsider opportunities.
  8. Create an original and handmade artisan-styled cinema with a unique and discernible style. #handcraftyourcinema
  9. Do not confuse the tools with the talent. Avoid gear envy or the next best thing. Use tools that work.
  10. Understands a well-written script with a unique point-of-view is essential to audience engagement. #contentcounts

Cinema 2.0 is about re-imagining what your microcinema can be – and getting it out where it can be seen – so it’s time to stop wasting your money copying mainstream cinema and start by making authentic and original work that matters.

It’s all about making Cinema 2.0 with the resources you have at hand and then distributing your work online to build an exclusive audience for your work.

Cinema 2.0 is about sucking it up and growing your next audience one viewer at a time by leveraging your ideas, your online identity and your unique intellectual properties to a specific audience and stop trying to be accepted by a mainstream cinema industry that is not only risk-averse – it’s practically terrified of new ideas and anything other than ‘Happily Ever After’.

This is a call to arms for anyone who wants to make their own Cinema 2.0 – and has the guts to do it up right by utilizing the resources available – right now – to cultivate their own audience worldwide.

Do you?