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Do you love to be kept on the edge of your seat? Well you’ve come to the right place. Watch the very best new hair-raising, spine-chilling, rip-roaring white knuckle thrillers from the comfort of your own sofa at the 28th Raindance Film Festival from 28 Oct-7 Nov 2020.

April 7, 1980

Available on-demand 28 Oct-7 Nov | Watch it here

A squad of terrorists infiltrate a kibbutz but find themselves trapped in the children’s nursery with hostages who are less than four years old. Told from multiple perspectives, this is the true story of that night, April 7 1980.

Still from film April 7, 1980



Screening online Fri 30 Oct at 6:30pm followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers | Watch it here

Emma and her mother are on the run. Traumatised, they find refuge in an isolated retreat where a nuclear power station looms. As Emma builds a relationship with an enigmatic boy, she is forced to navigate a hostile world alone. A tense and haunting tale of a toxic family with a dangerous past.


The Woman with Leopard Shoes

Available on-demand 28 Oct-7 Nov | Watch it here

A burglar is hired by a mysterious woman to steal a box from a house. As he is about to leave, the sudden arrival of guests forces him to hide in the study. The situation takes a turn for the worse when he makes a startling discovery…



Screening online Thu 5 Nov at 5:30pm followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and Sat 7 Nov at 3pm

For years, the Nowak and Kowalski families have been embroiled in a vendetta governed by the cyclical law of blood and honour. When the Nowaks’ son dies at the hand of Klara Kowalska, his sister is chosen to avenge his death. Pressured by family and the community she starts to hunt Klara. When the confrontation occurs, Ewa is faced with a choice between carrying out the revenge and her own life and freedom.



Available on-demand 28 Oct-7 Nov | Watch it here

In the heart of the Scottish highlands an ageing ghillie (hunter) conceals a dark secret from his wife, whose memory is failing due to dementia. Ghillie is a dramatic thriller from writer-director Mike Marriage which examines themes of family, isolation and grief.

Still from short film, Gillie

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