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2020 has been one of the most difficult years in the history of cinema. Travel restrictions and social distancing have meant hundreds of productions big and small had to stop filming at the start of the year suddenly. It’s even had a big impact on the films that were already completed but due to being released this year. Some, like Disney’s remake of Mulan, skipped being released in the cinemas and went straight to being available for an extra cost on streaming websites like Disney Plus. Others, like the new James Bond film, have been postponed until a time where more people can sit together in a cinema to make sure it turns a profit. All of these things mean it’s been really hard for any cinema to afford to stay open. Whilst the customers aren’t coming in their usual high numbers, here are three ways every cinema can increase their profits in the meantime. 

Reduce your overheads

Whilst many people might think the cost of paying the film producers to be allowed to show the film would be the biggest expense for a cinema, it’s not always the case. To seat a number of people in front of a large number of large screens, cinemas simply need a pretty large building to work in. With those large buildings come large bills, with things like electricity, heating and even water adding a lot of money to every cinema’s monthly outgoings. Whilst you can’t significantly reduce the amount of electricity it takes to power a projector or the amount of water used to flush the toilets, you can reduce the amount of money you’re paying for those services. For example, if you use the Utility Bidder website to compare business water rates with other companies, you will be able to find the cheapest deal for your venue.

Sell those snacks

One of the highest earners when it comes to cinema isn’t selling tickets, and it’s selling the snacks at the concession stands. Traditionally stalls like these would be offering popcorn alongside the same sweets and fizzy drinks that you could find in any supermarket. This often leads to many people buying their snacks before they arrive at the cinema, as they can buy the same products for a lower price. To avoid this from happening, try and avoid snacks that aren’t widely available elsewhere. Work with local food and drink providers to stock quality and locally made products instead of the big commercial brands to attract more people to buy from you. 

Put on special events 

An increasing amount of people are beginning to visit their cinemas to watch things other than films. For example, the National Theatre now regularly stream some of their most popular plays to cinemas around the country so more people can enjoy them. Many cinemas also hold other events like question and answer sessions with directors, actors and even authors. Whilst there’s a reduced number of films to show, consider holding more of these alternative events. 



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