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Most movies focus on providing entertainment, which is their primary goal. People watch movies to get an escape from their usual life routine and experience a new story. If they feel the experience was worth the time after spending those two hours in front of the screen, then the directors of that movie succeeded in their goal. That said, not all movies are just about entertainment. Some movie makers take this art a little too seriously and teach us something valuable from their lives. Writers have a great imagination, and they feel even little changes around them. They share those feelings and lessons in their stories and movie actors and directors portray it in the best manner possible. 

Such movies don’t always hit blockbuster because not everyone is able to grasp that message. On the other hand, if the cast has one of the most popular and globally recognized actresses or someone from the Avengers, you just know it’s not going to flop no matter what. However, artistic movies were not dependent on an expensive cast to make their place in the hearts of the viewers. Here are some of the best movies that teach a great life lesson. 

Curly Sue

Relations are not about blood.

Although it was released in 1991, it’s a movie still very much in fashion. The movie revolves around a little Curly Sue, who is just the cutest little girl you would ever see. She is a little childish but also very smart. The things she does and says would melt your heart. But the poor girl is homeless with one father figure. 

She didn’t know her biological father and her mother died after hooking up with Billy Dancer, played by Jim Belushi. Billy is a nice guy who doesn’t have anything himself but takes the responsibility of Sue. They both love each other very much despite their poor lifestyle where they don’t know if they will get to eat the next meal. 

They meet another woman, Grey Allison played by Kelly Lynch, who is judgmental at first then realizes that relationships are not about blood or luxuries. Sue could easily be adopted by a rich family, but she chooses to live with Billy, who also loves her selflessly like a father. Grey recognizes this love and becomes a part of the family, leaving her high-paying job at a law firm and rich lifestyle behind. 

Many people say that no one can replace the love for your biological children. They believe that blood automatically creates love. This movie teaches them that relationships are not about blood. If you care, nothing matters. 

About Time

Life is great the way it is. We only need to see from a different perspective.

This romantic comedy is one of the greatest movies ever made. There is no big cast or amazing graphics, just a great story executed greatly with some great acting skills. Tim, the main character in the movie learns from his dad that their bloodline has a superpower that enables them to travel back in time. This means they can go back and change the mistakes and regrets. 

Tim is a smart and nice guy and starts using this ability to make everything right in his life. He would also sacrifice his own little things for the good of others. He finds the love of his life, gets married, has great kids, and spends a lot of time with his father even after his death by going back in time and then coming back. 

It takes him some time to realize, but he finds out that time travel or changing the past isn’t the solution to everything. His father teaches him another great life lesson before death and tells him to live each day twice. After every hectic day, Tim would go back to the start of the day. The second time, he would see things differently. He would not get worried over little things and appreciate even little happiness. Soon, he learns to do that without having to go back in time and live that day the second time.

We can all be happy and live a great life without any superpowers only if we start to appreciate the little things around and see them from a positive perspective. Worrying or getting angry doesn’t solve anything. In the end, we have the solution to all our problems in our hands. We need to try to be cool and see everything as a blessing. Instead of emphasizing what we couldn’t get, we should focus on the things that we have. Our parents, wife, children, friends, home, and the good are the best things, but we have taken them for granted. 


Love isn’t about beauty or lust.

Such a pure emotion is love, and we have abused it to its extent. Even family members don’t offer unconditional love. But this movie was truly an eye-opening and the best romantic movie you will ever see where everything is realistic and follows logic. You may not have heard of Barfi because it’s an Indian movie, but you can get it in English subtitles. 

The main character is Barfi, who is deaf and mute and doesn’t have a lot of friends. Barfi has a crush on a girl, Shruti, who is totally normal and educated. She becomes friends with Barfi and understands his feelings, also falls in love with him, but gets married to another guy.

One day he finds Jhilmil, an autistic girl who can barely speak. She is the daughter of a rich man who tries to fake her kidnapping and death so he can get all the property that his grandad gave her instead of her parents. The plan doesn’t go as planned and she gets lost and ends up with Barfi. During all that chaos, Barfi and Jhilmil really start to care for each other. Later, even Shruti leaves her husband to go help Barfi, who was being framed for kidnapping and murdering Jhilmil. 

In the end, everyone was alive and Shruti realizes what Barfi and Jhilmil have is pure love. They can’t talk to each other and can’t have a physical relationship, but that’s not what love is about for them. She is also in love with Barfi and also gets married to him, accepting herself as his second wife. 

They show at the end of the movie that Barfi is old on his deathbed. Jhilmil goes in the room to lie with him, grabs his pinky finger with her own (her way of showing affection and love), and they both die the same day. This teaches that love isn’t perfect and it doesn’t care about physical beauty, sex, or riches. 

Barfi and Jhilmil, who can’t even speak, get married to each other and they know they love each other even if the world doesn’t understand it. Shruti falls in love with Barfi despite having a perfectly normal life and she leaves her husband and gets married to Barfi as his second wife. 



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