Thoughts on 'Essentials of Directing' from an 11 Year Old Filmmaker - Raindance

Raindance has a special place in my heart, because they gave me a rare opportunity. When we heard about the Essentials of Film Directing workshop, We asked right away if I could come, even though I was eleven. I was so glad to hear back from Nadia DiMofte, telling me that I could attend as long as my parents were there. I was very grateful that even though I was young, she and Raindance still let me join to learn.

It was so rare for this kind of thing to happen, because adults often underestimate children.

My goal in life is to show the world how everyone can do something amazing, as long as they are driven and committed.

It was a great workshop, with so many interesting people and one very interesting instructor. I had so much to learn and so much to take away. Peter Marshall’s insightful teaching was such a pleasure to be around. He had so many great stories to share. Not only that, but he really got everyone involved. He would often have questions for the class, and have everyone answer it, or have activities where people would have to come up and do something. I brought so much away from that class, and I feel so lucky that I was allowed to go.

I think that everybody should not be judged by colour, gender or age. I really mean that because I am a half-asian 11-year old girl. I know many kids who are leads on TV shows. I know kids who make union short films. I think everybody has the potential to do something great, as long as they think they can and someone gives them a chance. So thank you to Raindance for not judging me, and believing that I could handle it. And thank you to Peter D. Marshall for an amazing workshop. I know that next time I am making a film, I am definitely going to remember tips from that workshop. Since then, I’ve written some scripts and am preparing to shoot a film with my friend who is also 11. I also recently found out that my other short was accepted to be screened at Reel 2 Reel. The news came after my sister’s short was accepted into Cannes, so great things are happening!