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A woman hires a burglar to steal a mysterious box from a house, but unexpected party guests arrive and he is forced to hide. Suddenly, the evening turns into a murder case and the burglar is determined to solve it. The black-and-white thriller explores the endurance and the pressure points of the human mind.

A burglar enters a house in search of a secret box. The mysterious woman who has hired him has given him instructions for where to find the object. Suddenly, on the evening of the burglary, party guests arrive at the house and the thief is forced to hide in the study where he finds a corpse in the closet. His employer, the woman with the leopard shoes, turns out to be in the house as well. However, there is something extremely unusual and suspicious about the whole evening and the burglar decides to unravel the secret behind the dead body while he is trying to escape from the labyrinth.

The woman with leopard shoes is a curious rhythmic journey that challenges the conventionalunderstandings of sound and dialogue. The beautifully shot black-and-white thriller forms a game of details and clues. In order to decipher its twisted storyline, the viewer must play against the established rules. The intensity of the film increases until the very end and the anticipation for the grand finale keeps you on the edge of your seat. The woman with leopard shoes is Alexis Bruchon’s directorial debut and it makes its World Premiere at Raindance!

Nathalie Dakova BA Film and Screen Studies, London College of Communication

The Woman with Leopard Shoes is streaming throughout the Raindance Film Festival.



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