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We live in a world of information overload. Learning how to reduce your story idea to a short pitch is one of the secrets that professional storytellers use in order to attract interest to their project. This short, so-called ‘elevator pitch‘ is about 30 seconds or 125 words.

This is what The Pitch Is Back 125 Word Story Competition was all about.

Writing a short pitch means squeezing the beginning, middle, and end into a few short paragraphs. It means that you need to choose words that create visuals in the mind of the reader. Writing the emotion of the story is probably the single most important element to consider. This is what our judges were looking for when picking a winner of this competition.

Below you can read their entries.

Runner Ups

We have two runner ups for this competition, who will both receive a £50 Raindance Voucher towards courses or merchandise of their choosing.

Third Place: Kwame Graves-Okokon

The pitch:
Set in London during Lockdown, “The Budgie” shows a drug dealer struggling to make money to pay child support to his daughter who lives with his ex. Like his pet budgie (who flies free with him in a dream that he has whilst high) he longs to be free again post-crisis. Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” provides the score, giving much of the film the feel of a silent movie, just in colour. The film is about someone living outside of the confines of society yet who rises to overcome their own limitations. It is about the Forgotten Man and about how we reflect on and then succeed in the face of adversity, for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Second Place: John Parker

The pitch:
The Breeding Programme’s a romcom. Elaine runs the charity Dogsave, living with her boyfriend Simon. But they’re getting evicted, Elaine gets pregnant and Dogsave desperately needs new premises. To stop everything going to the dogs she wants her snobby parents to release trust money. But they don’t like low-born-and-bred Simon. So Elaine hires actor Roy to be a dreadful new boyfriend so Simon can win her back, getting her parents’ gratitude. But Roy won’t stick to the script, having affairs with Elaine’s Mother and her cleaner and even going for her Father. Elaine has to oust the barking Roy and reunite her family. And the poster – a picture of Elaine and – She wanted a mongrel. But found a pit bull.


First Place: Sherice Griffiths

The pitch:
Nelson, a timid and nervous young man invites his estranged alcoholic father, Brandon, for lunch to discover the reason he walked out on him as a boy. They agree to meet at Figgie’s Diner, an off road cafe, but it quickly becomes apparent that Brandon had another motive for agreeing to the meet up. Brandishing a gun and donning a balaclava Brandon decides to rob the diner and use his son, Nelson, as his getaway driver. Nelson must choose whether to become his father’s accomplice or stand up for himself for the first time in his life.

Why not hone your writing and pitching skills ready for our next competition?



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