The Once-Quirky Sci-Fi Movies that Transcend the Silver Screen - Raindance

Given the hundreds of movies that are released each year, there really aren’t that many that you can genuinely say transcend the silver screen. Of course, oftentimes we don’t get to see the impact of a film for years, even decades, after its release, with the measure of quality often being if the creation stands the test of time – with this being especially true of the more far-out genre of science fiction.

The sci-fi movies focussed on here may not seem like quirky titles anymore, but in the running to release, the creators and those involved in the projects knew that they were trying something that defied the status quo. Whether it be their method of boosting the presence of the film or the near-absurd impact that the tale had elsewhere, these sci-fi movies certainly transcended the entertainment medium.

Ghostbusters (1984)

The was a great deal of fear in the running to the release of the bizarre science-fiction comedy Ghostbusters, with industry members not reacting favourably in test screenings. The movie perhaps wouldn’t have reached success at the time if it wasn’t for its incredible advertising campaign. The “No Ghosts” poster created by Michael Gross inspired intrigue in a quirky creation without people weighing in with their usual movie preferences, which may allow a quick dismissal of the film. Now, Ghostbusters is remembered as a groundbreaking film, for its mix of genres, use of effects, and its advertising. 

Despite coming out in the ‘80s, the Ivan Reitman-directed flick is still so revered that it can seamlessly accompany modern creations in expanding beyond the big screen. Nowadays, the likes of Jurassic World, Bridesmaids, Anchorman, Ted, and even the Robert Downey Jr-led Sherlock Holmes all explore other mediums to keep fans engaged. All of them and the decades-old Ghostbusters have created online slot games which are hosted at the Mr Green casino. Online slots recognise the size of the audience and always seek new themes to appeal to them, with the Ghostbusters game proving to be incredibly popular, showing the brand’s enduring appeal.

Star Wars (1977)

In 1971, George Lucas commenced working on a film that would change cinema and merchandising for decades to come. Star Wars is now a brand known by millions of people around the world, spawning incredibly successful sequels, prequels, and TV series in the 30 years after its release. However, it wasn’t just the screen product that found success. Star Wars became a goliath of the entertainment industry because of its merchandising. 

It featured on all of the usual memorabilia items, like pencils and lunchboxes, but it was the incredible action figure scene that spawned from the movies which proved to be the most influential. Lucas always said that the branding and licensing was a bit of fun and that, as recorded by The Hollywood Reporter, it was always a matter of “story over stuff.” His dedication to his universe just so happened to get people so enthralled by the galaxy far, far away that it inspired an ungodly desire in people to immerse themselves however possible. 

Both Ghostbusters and Star Wars changed the movie business, transcending into other areas of entertainment and fun, allowing them to uphold long-standing affection among moviegoers.