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How much do we think we know about women’s anatomy? Well, it turns out, not as much as we thought we did. This empowering documentary exploring the silenced topic of womanhood, will make you want to make plenty of notes!

“The Dilemma of Desire” is a magnetic, empowering and rebellious documentary, which follows four women who seek to celebrate female sexual pleasure and destroy myths surrounding the female body. Directed by Maria Finitzo and executive produced by Academy Award-winning
documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple, this documentary can’t help but become an outright ode to womanhood.

At the centre of this film is the conceptual artist Sophia Wallace who created “Cliteracy” in 2012, a movement which praises the female sex organ the clitoris. Sophia Wallace’s work correlates perfectly with the experiences of other women, who were interviewed in this film. All of them shed light on gender politics, misrepresentation and taboo of female sexual pleasure, internalised shame of female bodies, as well as talk about how to make beautiful things that say something about the culture.

With the things that women have to go through on an everyday basis including sexual assault, harassment, being sexualised but looked down on when acting sexy, thoughts about how it would be so much easier to be a man – “The Dilemma of Desire” is empowering and makes anyone who identifies as a woman, excited to be one.

Sofija Geide Jusiute BA Film and Screen Studies, London College of Communication

The Dilemma of Desire is streaming on Nov 1 & Nov 3.



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