The Democratisation of Video Effects and Where to Find Them - Raindance

Indie filmmakers face an Endless Supply of Challenges

It takes grit to make things happen. Once you cut through all the red tape, budgeting, scheduling, logistics and finally start filming you’re hit with another wave of problems. Through all of the ups and downs you have to maintain your creative drive. Independent filmmakers have become adept at handling and often bypassing these roadblocks entirely. The film industry has been changing rapidly in recent years, from the DSLR revolution to streaming content. Creators are finding new ways of making and sharing their work on a level never seen before.

Filmmaking is Accessible for the First Time Ever

Filmmaking has gotten easier, cheaper, and more accessible for countless creators. Online databases for rental equipment, both warehouse and local vendors, make it easier to find the best deals. Forum writers, Youtubers, and bloggers are eager to share what knowledge they have. Commercial digital cameras can produce unbelievably high quality images. Festivals like Raindance offer the exposure your film needs. Software allows you to edit, color, compose, grade, composite and build your film from anywhere in the world.

VFX for Everyone

VFX is a field that many independent filmmakers think of as out of their reach, something limited to high-budget films. That’s no longer the case. Freelancer compositing artists, 3D animators, motion designers and generalists are more than happy to work on your project. Software like After Effects will let intermediate and even beginner users create amazing video-effects. If you need to create a better title animation, add muzzle flashes and bullet impacts, composite realistic fire or a sand storm you can do it with a limited budget. That’s why I fell in love with Visual Effects, and that’s why I founded

10 Years and Counting

ProductionCrate has been around for 10 Years. When my college roommate first showed me the power of Adobe After Effects I was absolutely stunned. I had no idea that that level of VFX was achievable by anyone outside of a Hollywood studio. I was hooked.

I devoted all my time and effort to developing ProductionCrate. The team that joined me kept the mission alive, to build a comprehensive, massive, ever-expanding library of video effects. We have since added Music, Sound Effects, Graphics, 3D objects and more. Our incredible community of over 550,000 users all share the same passion as we do, to make the best content possible.

We offer a free membership option to anyone in the world. No is payment required, just sign up and download some content to use in your projects. For those with bigger projects we have exclusive content and thousands more items for just $49/year. We do our best to keep the membership fee small, no creator shouldn’t be able to tell their story just because they can’t afford it.

We have seen our content used in amazing short films, indie flicks, commercials, Youtube videos, vlogs, and so much more. Working at ProductionCrate and helping the filmmaking community grow is the most fulfilling I can do with my time. If you’re interested, check us out. If you have any questions just shoot us an email




Christopher Kelly is the Co Founder and Director for, a resource for video and filmmakers providing exclusive Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Music and more. Chris has spent much of his career freelancing as a videographer, motion designer, editor and Creative Director. He lives in sunny San Diego and does his best to get to the beach several times a week.