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Although filming happens to be more of outdoor activity, these days, we’re witnessing a new trend. Filming at home is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the ever-so-advanced smartphones available today. Along with that, we see an increase in its popularity owing to the restricted lifestyle brought about by the pandemic. Stepping outside for work or fun has almost become a luxury.

For that very reason, here we have a guide compiled, about the best accessories for filming at home. Using these, you can ease your transition from outdoor shoots to indoor ones and also add more fun to your home-based filming.

Gorilla Pod

When Gorilla pods first entered the market,   professionals in the shooting field undermined its potential to deliver the same quality as a proper tripod. But, today, even these experts have these in their studio! 

The biggest benefit offered by these Gorilla pods is their compact and portable build.  Its small structure allows you to use and store it at home easily. 

Plus, they have flexible legs that you can twist and turn as per the desired position. Wrap the legs on your wrist or a fence- the possibilities are endless!

These gorilla pods also come with smartphone attachments, so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

Anamorphic Lens

For those who do not have a professional camera yet and operate thoroughly on mobile, arranging an anamorphic lens is a must! Fundamentally, an anamorphic lens is a lens that levels up your filming game. It changes the dimensions of the picture such that it gives off a cinematic look with a wider field of view. It helps to capture an array of details that your mobile’s camera may fail to capture. Our best recommendation when it comes to anamorphic mobile camera lenses is none other than Moment’s anamorphic lens. It offers extensive compatibility and promises a better aspect ratio for the given price.

Backpack for Gear

Only because you are filming at home doesn’t translate into keeping the gear wherever you want.  You may have storage cabinets and cases, though do not forget that this new gear requires great care. 

Dust and dirt are the enemies of filming gear.  The slightest of dust on your camera’s sensors can ruin its image quality, forcing you to spend $$$ more on its service.

So, a proper video gear storage back should be a must-have accessory. These dedicated backpacks have compartments for every type of equipment. 

There are straps to secure your equipment in its place.  Plus, there are multiple pouches and pockets for organisation.

These backpacks also have extra padding to make carrying all that equipment easy when traveling. It’s an absolute must-have!

Portable Shotgun Mic

Indeed, a good quality film is a product of both video and audio.  The visuals won’t do any good without the sounds. So, you should always have a microphone to get things up to the mark. 

However, quality microphones can be quite expensive and heavyweight. These can be difficult to handle at home, especially without a team.  

Perhaps, an excellent alternative accessory is a portable shotgun microphone. Affordable and premium, these portable mics perform very well.

The shotgun microphone functions to make your voice crystal clear. When filming, the mic silently does its job by automatically lowering the noise of ceiling fans or any other unwanted sounds in the recordings. 

Later, you can always refine the recorded audio further. Plus, it is easy to connect too!

Headphone Adapter

When you rely on your smartphone to back you up in your filming journey, you should back it up sufficiently too. You know, you are expecting too much of it. And it has its limitations.

We’re certainly going to show you how to overcome this limitation. But, bear in mind, for a smooth filming process, you ought to be willing to take the necessary measures. In this case, your necessary measure is a headphone adaptor. With multiple jacks, it equips you enough to connect multiple accessories and gadgets at once. You can connect a mic, external battery, and whatnot to get started with professional filming!

Portable Charger

Although you are very near to charging sources at home, there is still pretty much a requirement for a portable charger. Imagine you are filming an urgent video when all of a sudden the equipment battery runs out, and you do not have those hours available to get them running again.  What will you do? 

As a freelance movie maker, you can miss an important gig because of the sudden battery run out. So, having a quality portable charger is quite essential even at home. 

The power bank can provide you that boost and fuel to complete the project. You should invest in a good-quality portable charger, which features a minimum of 10,000mAh battery.



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