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Alma, a woman with Albinism, has just been released from prison and seeks to find her daughter. Along the way, she meets a kind, generous man who employs her as his carer, despite her record.

‘Suffocation’ is a tale of Alma, woman with Albinism, who seeks to find her daughter after recently being released from prison. She struggles to find work initially, until a kind man who suffers from breathing difficulties offers her a job as his carer. Her quest to find her daughter seems to come with many obstacles, however her unconditional love drives her to find the truth.

A claustrophobic depiction of having your life marred by convictions; being in abusive relationships; or having a condition which impedes your ability to breathe. Everyone is suffocating, and only the hope to find that freedom is to take risks and let go of the things that constrain you. The theme of claustrophobia is one that appears often paired with the mesmerising representation of water, illustrated in very powerful motifs throughout the film, highlighting themes of life, satisfaction, but sometimes a little uncertainty.

A truly beautiful Mexican drama written and directed by Kenya Marquez, which already boasts awards for Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Film at the Trieste International Film Festival- this film is most certainly not one to miss.

Roberta Banks, BA Film and Screen Studies, London College of Communication

Suffocation is streaming on Oct 29 & Oct 31.



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