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Ease, that is. In the world of traditional music licensing where a user-friendly environment has been sorely lacking, Songtradr is working to give access to all music creators and those who wish to license their music, access to a global marketplace and placement opportunities never before available outside the inner circle of the industry. 

Where filmmakers are concerned, it’s natural for them to focus on story and visuals because if there isn’t a film to release, there’s no need for music. Check in with any of them however, from emergent to Hollywood A-lister, and resoundingly the sentiment is consistent. Soundtrack is absolutely key for filmmakers to share a full story experience, the way they want to tell it.

“If you think about the most important elements in a film – script, acting, directing – the music is equal to them all in terms of its effect on storytelling,” states Jon Turteltaub when he spoke to Songtradr earlier this year.The director of such huge hits as, “The Meg”, “National Treasure” and “Phenomenon”, is resolute when it comes to the importance of soundtrack. “Music makes or breaks a moment… so what director wouldn’t be all over that? Guiding the process, choosing cues, it’s far more important to most directors than almost anything else.”


Why is licensing great music so damn tough?

One of the stumbling blocks the independent filmmaker faces, is sourcing and securing unique, quality music for their project which frustratingly, usually lives or dies by a shoestring budget. This more than likely eliminates any chances of locking in that Ed Sheeran track, however perfect. Often another deterrent is the acquisition process which can be lengthy and expensive; from sorting through a minefield of clearances with multiple rights owners, negotiating pricing and usage, legal paperwork and fees, and finally, obtaining the right files for the edit suite. It’s no wonder many feel they have no choice but to turn to library or stock music. Sound familiar?


What makes Songtradr so different?

After years of writing and producing music for some of the biggest names in the industry, Songtradr founder and CEO, Paul Wiltshire, sat on a treasury of professionally produced tracks which numbered in the hundreds, and no single website with the facilities to freely exploit them while retaining control. After an initial development phase in Australia, Wiltshire moved operations to L.A. with headquarters in Santa Monica and now a growing team in the U.K.

“One of the biggest challenges facing Songtradr is introducing a fresh, inclusive approach to music licensing methods and the accompanying re-education process, as this arena has traditionally been difficult to access,” says Wiltshire. “Content creation is at its most prolific and to keep up with demand and to develop their art, creatives must be able to connect with each other quickly and professionally. Songtradr continues to work diligently for a nimble, intuitive and global environment where art is the ultimate winner.”

Songtradr’s core mantra is to create access to music everywhere and it seems many agree, as the platform is the fastest growing music licensing marketplace in the world, with thousands of artists across all styles and genres. The agnostic platform is open to all creatives on all levels, and offers ease of unearthing music from real artists, navigating pricing, and acquiring the right formats and files to ensure a smooth workflow and serve tight timelines.


Songtradr in action.

If you haven’t heard of Mary Angelica Molina, you probably will. The Columbian-born, New York resident had already conquered many merciless hurdles and now needed music for her independent film. “Valentina” is a Latina housekeeper who is horrified when her vagina begins to complain about the NY Summer heat while she is on the job. Ultimately, it’s the vagina, voiced by the dynamic Lara Quinones, that liberates the repressed Valentina and subsequently becomes the spokesperson, (or is it spokesvagina?) for all women. Filming was complete, but it was time to secure music and Molina needed help. In one scene, a flirtatious doorman is chatting to the stressed Valentina, when his mobile phone rings. Molina wanted a ringtone that simultaneously conveyed the playfulness of the doorman and the authentic, cultural themes of her story. It was through Songtradr that Molina found Idan K. The Israel-based producer, composer, and DJ who specializes in Afro Cuban/Brazilian percussion, had within his catalogue of tracks,  “The Cumbia Within”, which turned out to be perfect for the scene. For Molina, the thoughtfulness and speed of the technology combined with the intuitive system was a real plus. We are excited to report that “Valentina” has since been picked up by HBO and is scheduled to air early 2019.


How can Songtradr help Raindance members?

Licensing music from Songtradr, is a straightforward process which can easily be customized for the user’s preferred approach. Sign up is free and to start right away, users can hop onto the intuitive search which incorporates comprehensive filters by extensive genres and sub-genres, vocal/instrumental, tempo, keywords and importantly, moods which are the cornerstone of every filmmaker’s storytelling edifice.

For those seeking a more defined journey, Songtradr’s curated playlists are added to daily by a team of experienced music specialists.

One of the services which sets Songtradr apart from the competition is the availability of our custom playlists for a specific project. Provide a quick brief for your project and an expertly curated playlist will be delivered to your inbox, usually within 24 hours.

Need more? Send an email to and a team member from Songtradr will happily collaborate to help filmmakers tell the story they need to tell with the right music for their projects.

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