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Having a social media presence is a complete must for filmmakers today. Some artists may be more defiant towards technology than others, yet the fact is that, when used well, social media can do wonders for a film. It’s understandable that a writer like Jonathan Franzen doesn’t want to use Twitter, as novelists are famously a recluse species and partial to sentences that go over 140 characters. Human beings are social animals, and filmmakers can’t afford not to be social media animals. With this social media toolkit you’ll learn how.

Having said that, it’s a jungle. Going into this adventure, you must know that you’re likely to land into the mud, find strange allies and, of course, encounter horrid trolls. You must be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all that. Opening the accounts is not a huge problem. However, curating them and networking through them will be awfully time-consuming. So we’re putting together this toolkit so that you, independent filmmakers, can make the most of your social media presence.

From writing it to breaking down the numbers, click on the links below to work your way through the Social Media Toolkit for Filmmakers.


Write It | Know the Genre | Go into Production | Break Down the Numbers



Baptiste is a writer hailing from the part of France where it is always sunny. After a stint in politics and earning his Master's Degree in Management, he was a marketing intern for the 23rd Raindance Film Festival in 2015, then joined the team permanently in 2016 as the Registrar of the MA in Filmmaking. He is passionate about diversity in film, which he researches and writes about extensively. He is the producer of the hit webseries "Netflix & Kill" and the multi-award-winning short film "Alder", as well as a writer for stage and screen. His short film "U Up?" is currently in pre-production.