Our #SixtySexySeconds Short Film Winners!! - Raindance

Well!! We have just officially ended our #SixtySexySeconds valentines short film competition, with some quite phenominal winners! You can check out the top 5, plus some notable mentions below for some creative inspiration! How incredible what story you can accomplish in 60 seconds!



#5: @maria_is_ok

#4: @jakebentley3012

Top 3: @jamesskinneruk

Top 3: @pl.mlgrw

Top 3: @clemdelaclem


Additional Staff Favourites:

With such wonderful films submitted this year, we couldn’t help but share a few extras. Here are an additional 3 chosen by our staff!!





Thank you to everyone who submitted their films! Due to the quality of films submitted this year, we have decided to send through the top 3 to the screening of the festival! Other winners will be enjoying their wins of 2020 Raindance Festival passes, Independent Filmmakers Ball tickets, and memberships!!

Want to enter our next competition? Get your design skills ready for this one:

Independent Filmmakers’ Ball Poster Competition



Bailey is a filmmaker and marketer from the great white north, Canada.
Coming from an illustration background, she has moved her creativity into branding and marketing the Raindance Film Festival, originally beginning as a Raindance intern in 2019. She has now moved on to win numerous awards through adobe and other arts organizations and is currently in the works of creating her next short film.

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