#SixtySexySeconds Short Film Competition Is Now Open - Raindance

Welcome to #SixtySexySeconds, a brand new Valentine’s Day Short Film Competition.

Now don’t jump in your conclusions, “Sexy” doesn’t always revolve around sex. “Sexy” can be independence, confidence, humour and passions. Maybe you get even more creative, and create something that revolves around what is NOT sexy. Or maybe you just make a cute valentines love story. That is cool too.

Many of us hate valentines day, lets be honest. So why not make it a day of creativity and win a film contest that will get you a screening at the UK’s biggest Independent Film Festival?

In case you need more convincing: The top 5 winners will be screened at our Raindance Film Club screening in February 18th at London’s Century Club. The top 2 films will screen at the Raindance Film Festival this Autumn.

How to Take Part:

First: Shoot a film following all these conditions:

  • It can’t be longer than 60 seconds
  • It must feature a Dutch angle
  • It must feature the word Sexy (Extra points for creating a ‘Sexy’ (PG12) theme!)

Second: Post the completed film on Instagram, including @raindancefilmfestival and the hashtag #SixtySexySeconds

E.g.: Hey @raindancefilmfestival, here’s my #SixtySexySeconds

Submissions close at midnight, Thursday 14 February.

Third: The top 3 films will be reposted on our Instagram account for an audience vote on February 15th.

The Fine Print

  • One entry per person.
  • Submissions under 60 seconds will be accepted,
  • Submissions over 60 seconds will be ineligible.
  • Opening titles and closing credits are included in your runtime.
  • Your film must be made after January 1, 2020

What you’ll win

  • 1st Place: 2x Raindance Film Festival 2019 VIP Passes + your #SixtySexySeconds film will be screened at the festival
  • 2nd Place: 2x Independent Filmmaker’s Ball 2019 VIP Tickets
  • 3 place: 1 Raindance Membership
  • The top 5 winners(including above) will be screened at our monthly Raindance Film Club Screening on February 18th at London’s Century Club

Need inspiration? Here are last Years Winners: #1MinuteHeartbreak

Need some Ideas? Check these out:



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