Sixty Socially Distanced Seconds Short Film Competition Winners - Raindance

Raindance Core Values

“The New Normal”

After a wonderful, month of creativity, we are excited to announce our #SixtySociallyDistancedSeconds Short Film Competition!!

All of these incredible filmmakers made these films under 60 seconds, with all actors at least 2 metres apart!

Here is how these filmmakers see the ‘New Normal’.

#5: rickdarge


#4: adrianrale


#3: njcowley96


#2: jpearce273


#1: eloise_heath





Bailey is a filmmaker and marketer from the great white north, Canada.
Coming from an illustration background, she has moved her creativity into branding and marketing the Raindance Film Festival, originally beginning as a Raindance intern in 2019. She has now moved on to win numerous awards through adobe and other arts organizations and is currently in the works of creating her next short film.

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