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Step 12. Show it

Congratulations! Your film’s finished and you want to get it seen.

Film festivals – especially festivals that specialise in short films – are a great way to are a great way to get your film in front of people who matter. The judges will watch your film and call you if you have a ‘look’ they are seeking.

Film Festivals are a great way to show your wares to strangers and meet different types of people. You need to do a lot during a festival. But the experience is exhilarating. Having your film play on a big screen is an awesome and terrifying experience at the same time. If the audience laughs in the right places, it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Social Media is how you can really max your films audience. If you make a series of shorts you can start your own channel and start monetising your film – every time someone sees it they need to accept an ad and a fraction of a penny comes your way. Thomas Ridgwell’s TomSka on Youtube has hundreds of shorts that have been seen over a billion times providing him with enough revenue to hire a complete production team.


Write It | Plan it | Shoot It | Direct It | Edit It Show It