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Screenwriting is an art that not everyone can accomplish. It can be draining and frustrating at times, especially in the overly competitive industry where there is so much talent. Our article today is focused on tips to help struggling screenwriters overcome their “writer’s block” and become better than their competitors in no time! So, what are you waiting for? Dive in with us to improve your screenwriting skills and become the best in the market!

Tip #1: Read for Inspiration 

If you want to publish a screenplay that is on par with your peers, then reading up existing screenplays is key. You will have to work hard to find out the writers who speak to your creative sensibilities and who complement your style of writing as well. Read all the top screenwriters of your time and those who are in the hall of fame. This does not mean that you start copying their work; instead, you take inspiration from their writing style, their thought process, and the way they have written each scene. Let these writers kickstart your own creativity and get you in the mind frame to write a masterpiece. Find out screenwriters that write for your kind of audience and cater to a similar niche that you are providing. 

Tip #2: Be Persistent

Persistence pays over time. Therefore, be consistent when it comes to your writings. Instead of giving in to your writer’s block, sit down and try to write something every day, however poorly written or short. Many of us keep chasing perfection, and in doing so, we stop writing altogether because it is not good enough for our standards. That’s the worst mistake you can make. Just like a sportsperson needs to keep practicing to stay agile, so does a writer. Therefore, set a routine and stick to it to get in some good writing practice done each day. 

If you are not practicing, then you will lose your touch, and it takes a while for writers to recover, trust us on that! If you are not able to find any screenwriter jobs, then look or some freelance opportunities that will help you stay in practice! This will not only help you stay in practice, but you can build your portfolio in the long run as well. When working as a screenwriter, there are tons of opportunities. You need to keep an eye out for them. For example, with another screenwriter to get your creative juices flowing. 

Tip #3: Know Your Audience

How can you possibly communicate with your audience if you are not connected with them at a basic level? As a screenwriter, you should pay attention to your audience even more than the script. If you are aware of the needs of the audience, then there is a fair chance for you to produce a script that becomes popular! To be able to understand your audience, you can go out and observe different people, how they dress up, their food preferences, their way of talking, etc. Being able to identify such things will help you build your characters.

Tip #4: Be Unique

If you are unable to develop your style, your audience will never make it as a screenwriter. Originality is essential to obtain critical acclaim in the creative world. Therefore, try to avoid being derivative and develop your style of writing. The best thing you can put on the table is your uniqueness. It will help you gain recognition and popularity. Instead of trying to fit in, be the kind of screenwriter that breaks stereotypes. Instead of following the trends, be the trend! A little experiment goes a long way, don’t be hesitant when it comes to experimenting and testing out new styles. The more you play around, the greater the chances of unleashing your inner creativity and attracting more people who will love your work!

Tip #5: Patience Is Key

Similar to many other professions, screenwriters don’t gain instant fame and recognition. It takes countless sleepless nights and a whole lot of effort before they can produce a piece, and even after that, there is no guarantee whether the audience will like it or not. At your end, you can put several checks to ensure that your work is flawless and up to the mark. Once you are done with a screenplay, you can let it rest for a while and give it a read with a fresh perspective. The best screenwriters are not born overnight; it might take years for you to perfect your screenplays. Rather than focusing on instant return, try to be persistent in your efforts, and the results will come soon after.  

Tip#6: Research Before You Write

All writers need to be good at research. Writing and research go hand in hand, and, if used with purpose, can give remarkable results! Before you start to jot down actual dialogues, do your research and work on how you will work towards building the story and integrating various elements. If you develop a synopsis first and build your storyline, you will remain focused throughout the whole writing and not be distracted by other elements because you would have already thought them over. 

Tip #7: Create Purposeful Pieces

You might have noticed that stories that have a purpose become especially popular. These are the stories that stick around in the audience’s memory and have a lasting impact. Even if you are covering an old story with a typical storyline, try to give it a fresh perspective. Even if you are writing the script of a commercial focused on carpet cleaning company, try to make your point in a useful way. It all depends on how you present your screenplay!

The Takeaway

As a screenwriter, you should be in touch with different emotions and be able to imagine yourself in different settings. Most importantly, you need to be consistent and be aware of your own voice. Persistent efforts will one day pay off, and who knows? You might be one of the greatest screenwriters in Hollywood one day!



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