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“Do you have a storyboard?”  An important question.  Whilst it is not necessarily a filmmaking law to use one, a storyboard is the ultimate way of translating the vision in your head on to paper to share with your crew.  Not to mention that storyboards have been used throughout the history of live-action film and animation, undoubtedly on several of your favourite films (go ahead and Google them, storyboards are fantastic).  Yet, they are not just a sequence of pretty pictures, but rather an essential tool in organising your imagination and your shoot – you think about framing, camera movement, blocking, editing, continuity.  They force you to think like a filmmaker.  Therefore, why wouldn’t you have one for your film?

Because you use that wonderful line, “I cannot draw!” and snap a pencil in half to prove it.  Fair enough, we all pull that excuse.  Okay, so you try to find a storyboard artist for your film online.  Hmm.  In spite of their importance, hiring a freelance storyboard artist can be very tricky business in the online world.  Fear not filmmakers, Raindance are happy to promote an excellent solution. is the answer.  Founded by Art Director Jorgen Stovne, this website allows creatives to easily find the best storyboard artists for their project.  Here are three great reasons to check it out:

  •  Check Artist Availability: A great feature of the site is that you not only find the artist, but you can see how available the artist is via a nifty colour coding system.  This stands out as a very accessible feature that benefits both the filmmakers and the artists.
  • Highly Experienced: Thankfully Jorgen’s List is not a hangout for your best friends, Mum, pet and every other wannabe artist under the sun, but instead each artist on the site has been recommended by at least five Art Directors.  Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be working with someone who is at the very top of their field (the site features artists who have worked on iconic films such as James Bond, Star Wars and Harry Potter).
  •  Free:  Finally, the word you’ve all be waiting for, the site is free to use! There is no catch.


Thanks to Jorgen’s List, storyboards artists have been given an online presence that you can take advantage of.  For each artist you select, you are shown a selection of their portfolio material and are presented with links to their individual websites and contact information.  It really is that simple to use.

It’s empowering, it’s unique, it’s fast, it’s free.  Go forth and find your storyboard artist.  Raindance recommends.