Scrivener Script Software Review - Raindance

Hi, my name is Madison and I’m a new intern at Raindance.  And if I’ve learned anything in my first few weeks here, it’s that I’m in way over my head when it comes to producing film.  To reference a very confused girl with sparkly red shoes: cameras, lights, sound equipment, oh my.  The most advanced piece of filmmaking equipment I own would be the Final Draft scriptwriting software, and while I barely know the difference between a DVD and a DCP, I’m looking forward to expanding my vocabulary over the next few months.  For the moment, however, my expertise lies in the business and writing aspects of the film world.

Now while many could argue that all a writer needs is a piece of paper and a pen, for those of us who know there’s a whole new set of rules required in order to write a script that the “big people upstairs” will actually even read, you’ve probably already downloaded your scriptwriting software.  But we also know that anything that can make the often painstaking writing process any easier is always appreciated.  So, let me introduce you to Scrivener.

Scrivener is advertised as being your comprehensive script workshop in one easy program.  As a writer, you’ve probably experienced the craziness of a computer desktop whilst working.  You’ve got your Internet browser up with sixteen different tabs of oddly specific questions and Google searches seventeen clicks deep.  Various Word documents, Excel spread sheets, and sticky notes with research and half-thoughts that only you could make any sense out of.  And, of course, the writing itself.  It’s enough to make you want to give up and writers know we don’t need any more reasons to do that.

Scrivener is basically your best friend that’s there to support your writing process from that very first infantile concept to your submitted final draft.  And how many of us can say we have someone who will put up with all of that crazy?  It groups together all of the different fragments of your script, your notes, and your research materials.  Instead of struggling with one extended, hundred-page file, you can break up your manuscript into small or large parts so it’s not so impossible to navigate.  Scrivener has the ability to access the complete power of the OS X system and with it you can add charts, bullet points, pictures and notes.

And here’s an added bonus, if you haven’t even gotten as far as downloading Final Draft, for the month of October, Scrivener comes with Final Draft free.