Scales Season Three Debuts After Shooting During Pandemic - Raindance

SCALES‘ season 3 comes with much excitement and feels different. The shooting of this season will always be a memorable one. The series began filming on May 30th, which was the night after the civil unrest dealing with George Floyd’s murder that sparked outrage throughout the country and downtown Atlanta. Several scenes were re-written to showcase Atlanta along with taking extra precaution as many were battling the emotions of the tragedy, as well as staying safe in a pandemic.

As the series enters its third year and promises to deliver its most thought-provoking season yet. The series which has always felt like Seinfield meets Insecure type of show that follows the antics of Remy Howard and his friends. This season, the series is upping the antics of the David + Caleb story. In season 2, viewers discovered that Caleb was living a double life. We met his fiance Rebecca, aka Becky, and how she fits into the triangle of David and Caleb. Although we thought David closed that chapter( and slammed the door) on Caleb, season 3 is going deeper into that situation. SCALES will be tackling the taboo of sexuality fluidity and what does bi-sexuality looks like. It’s often highly debatable and rejected in society. Most often, the black community. However, SCALES will be blowing the lid off “bi-sexuality” and what that looks like in a real situationship.
“I always knew where the David and Caleb story was going to go,” says creator Patrick Ladonis who stars as the series lead, Remy Howard. “ I knew this story would have a beginning, a middle, and an end, with a splash of limited possibilities. “ he says.
SCALES likes to challenge the status quo and showcase a world in which we focus on life’s balance than what society says should exist. You also won’t hear characters discussing covid either. “ I figured we’ve lived and are still living through this pandemic, so why not allow SCALES to give you an escape, even if it’s only for a short time.’ says Ladonis.
Season 3 of SCALES returns on March 21 and it will be a season that you’ll never forget.


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