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Many of you asked about Script Formatting. Here’s the best script formatting and style guides I could find.
Script Format and Style Guide

Do you want $15,000 of free filmmaking software? Of course you do
Here’s our Zero Budget Software Guide 

Here’s a link to that influential book I mentioned
Reading for a Living: How to Be a Professional Story Analyst for Film and Television

Learn more about film festivals

 For Acquiring Music Rights for Film

For some interesting web series

For getting work, here are two good websites

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We put out a lot of articles and news every day

Elliot and Patrick’s books

Raindance Writer’s Lab: Write and Sell the HOT Script

Everything Elliot can think of about storytelling and screenplay, including a whole section on writing short films are in this book.He has also included an online script resource with pages and pages of interesting interviews and exercises designed to help you get that great idea for a movie out of your head onto paper.

Raindance Producer’s Lab: Lo To No Budget Filmmaking

The A-Z of producing, shooting, directing and marketing independent films based on Elliot’s experiences running Raindance for nearly 20 years.
Elliot has produced 5 features and over 700 short films, several of which you saw yesterday.

Secrets of Screen Acting

Patrick Tucker has developed a no-nonsense approach to film directing that has influenced a generation of film directors and actors both here in the UK and abroad.
Benefit from his 40 years experience in the industry and learn how to work with actors in order to enhance their screen performances and the look of your film.