If anything is truly confusing in the film and television industry, it’s the legal side.  The creative and the artsy typically don’t work well with highfalutin legal language and ridiculously intricate contracts.  We’re here to make stories come alive!  But, alas, the legal side is a side we can’t afford to ignore (both literally and figuratively)!  So, Raindance tries to make that easier for you, with guidance in our course offerings and book selection.  However, the Internet is a wonderful resource for you, as well.

Tony Morris, Head of Media at Marriott Harrison LLP and representation for a wide range of film and television producers, broadcasters and others working in the film and television industries, has written an article helping you understand just what to be cautious of when it comes to sales agencies, people who work on a commission-only basis to sell your work to distributors around the world.  Morris knows what he’s talking about, as an accredited and qualified mediator who is on the list of recommended arbitrators of the Independent Film & Television Alliance. Showing you how easily you can be trapped in a sticky situation by a sales agency, Morris explains that contracts are easily weak in too many important areas, from record-keeping to commission-gathering.

But letting a lowly Raindance intern try to explain it to you would be your first mistake. Head on over to Morris’ article and read the warnings for yourself. And don’t let the stress of figuring all of this legal drama deter you from working towards your dream.  As long as you do your research and surround yourself with the right people to support you, your filmmaking dreams are within your reach.