8 reasons aspiring filmmakers should do the Reel film Challenge! - Raindance

The Reel film challenge is an exciting new event for filmmakers, and the premise is simple and exciting (if you don’t know what premise means and you’re a film student – you really need this experience) Travel from London to Budapest (by any means) while planning, shooting and editing a short film en-route to be screened – in the span of ten days. It’s a chance for brave, bold filmmakers to break out of their daily routines and get inspired by the world that’s out there.


1. Reel is Adventure filmmaking at its most raw!

You want inspiration! The Reel Film Challenge has got it coming out the Wazoo! This trip breeds life experience! Capture life as you’ve never known it before! (or if you’ve ever been on a road trip to Budapest, amend this statement to “life as you know somewhat well”)

If you cant think of a masterpiece – don’t sweat it! Practice makes perfect! Collect stock footage! Interview strangers – hone your craft and ignite your passion.


2. Create an amazing network!

Get a business card! Get a bunch! Most anyone will tell you filmmaking is who you know and they’re not wrong. Anyone could be useful – so treat them like they are! Collect them all! **Resists urge to use Pokemon gif**

Top Networking Tip – pick a trade! If you stand there saying you could do anything from post production to lighting, more often than not they will ask why you need them at all!



3. No script? No problem!

Films come alive in the edit – and the key to academic essay writing, particularly in film, is spinning what is on screen for your own means. It might not mean anything yet, but put that floating carrier bag next to Kevin Spacey and you’ve got a timeless classic on your hands!

Don’t be afraid to be experimental either – film with the lens half off – film only your feet! Every film course has an experimental module, getting a head start never hurts.


4. Challenge your harshest critic!

How are you supposed to know what kind of filmmaker you are if you’ve never made one on the run?

Test your metal!


5. Big up the portfolio bruv!

You’ll hear this at film school all the time – Grades don’t matter (they do) BUT it’s what you walk out with that truly counts. YOUR talent. YOUR work. YOUR name.

It’s no secret that the more you do; the better your showreel will look – show pride – show initiative! This is what gets you all the jobs!!


6. Awards!

Reel will be giving out awards! How great would it be to introduce yourself as an award winning filmmaker? Hey you could win two!

Then you could introduce yourself as a MULTI-AWARD winning filmmaker! The possibilities are endless! (While unlikely) But ENDLESS!


7. Recognition!

Reel is partnered with the BFI, Ravensbourne, Swan Wharf Hackney Wick, and Miniproductions.

The eyes of the industries are looking this way for the bravest and the boldest – Strut your stuff!



Included in the price is a full film festival experience waiting just for you!

The Launch Workshop – including food, drink and 1 night of accommodation in Swan Wharf Budapest Accommodation – the Finish Line Venue will open a couple of days early in case you arrive ahead of schedule.

You have up to three nights accommodation in Budapest included in the ticket price.

Finish Line Film Festival – our full-day film festival, including food, drink and prizes.

Wrap Party – entrance to our Wrap Party.

Lifetime Membership of The Reel Community – stay connected to other Reel Alumni and our variety of guests.

Don’t miss out!