Submitting to Raw Talent

You have a project? Then send it to us! We want to see it!

Submitting couldn’t be easier. It’s a simple process:


We need to see the project, so send us the script. If you want to show us a look book, sales packet or teaser, attach it or add a link. We recommend including the project name in the subject header – our electronic equivalent of making sure to include a title page.

We’ll always do our best to confirm receipt of a project but please bear with us – it can get crazy busy at times.

Send to:


If you really want to impress us, attach a short pitch video (60 seconds max – the elevator moves fast) to the email to give us an insight into the project. Pitching is an industry essential so this will be great practice. It doesn’t need to be perfectly lit or framed either – a web camera and a Skype recording works just as well as a 3 light set up.

Send with your project to:


Click the PayPal button and choose an option.

  • Standard: £20.00 for 6-8 week turnaround with no feedback
  • Coverage:£40.00 for 3-5 week turnaround with 2-3 pages of general coverage
  • In-Depth: £80.00 for 1-2 week turnaround with a full feedback report